September is one of the vanquish months for getting dressed in. December is number one, because we get to dress for parties. July and August are usually excellent because of kaftans and bikinis. November is severely satisfying, because of coats and boots. But September has the best outfits.September is the moment in the fashion calendar when new things happen. The preceding months have a lovely looseness to them wherever you are, which means things get a bit feral by the end of August, placid if the wildest adventure of your season is a face-off over the last space in a National Trust car park. But September is correct and calm and routine. It works as a kind of fashion new year, because all those years of Back To School hardwire in us the supposition that this month means stiff new shoes and a shiny, unfamiliar version of ourselves reflected in the mirror.This September doesn’t experience a great big bonkers trend such as puffball skirts or panama hats or tie-dye. That would be too much of a swell at this point. Instead, the trend of this season is the return of fashion itself. As in, dressing in outfits rather than lately covering yourself up with clothes.A sweater vest is a good place to start. It is fashion – you can tell, because we’re pursuit it a sweater vest rather than a tank top – but it is functional as well. Think of it as an accessory that keeps you warm. Sport it with any outfit that has long sleeves and a light fabric on the top half: a skirt with a blouse, say, or a long-sleeved outfit. Being solid and boxy in shape, the sweater vest defines the silhouette and smartens you up.How to dress for a return to the office | Jess Cartner-MorleyRead moreWays to impair it include, but are not limited to: first, making a two-decades-old leopard-print skirt (which the wearer is sentimentally fond of) look friendlier and a bit less alarmingly exceeding the top as daywear. Second, sharpening up a floaty dress which isn’t quite warm enough for the time of year but would look droopy beneath a cardigan. Third, layering over jeans worn with a fine-knit polo neck, which is a combination I have a weakness for but find often doesn’t quite work at the waist.There is only one hard and fast rule, which is that you can drain it only over long sleeves, because a sweater vest over short sleeves is Florida golf fellowship, and not in a good way. It is September, which means that these things matter once again. Time to bring your A artifice. Jess wears crochet vest, £45, Other clothes, her own. Styling: Melanie Wilkinson, assisted by Peter Bevan. Locks and makeup: Joe Pickering at Carol Hayes ManagementTopicsFashionJess Cartner-Morley on fashionWomen’s topsfeaturesReuse this content