It wasn’t that extensive ago that a man without a hat was not a man fully dressed. Today, hats aren’t terribly common, but they can add flair to any outfit — as sustained as you know how to wear each hat style correctly. Here are a few of the most common hats in style in 2021 and tips on merging them into your wardrobe with success.
Too many good hats are viciously maligned due to the present cultural reputation of the fedora. Not all soft-brimmed hats are fedoras; fedoras have a specific teardrop shape, a low crown and a lengthwise crease with a steal near the front. If you like the look of the fedora, wear one with a slightly wider brim, which will partition you from the stereotypical fedora-wearing jerks out there.

Panama Hat
Traditionally made from braided palm fronds, the panama hat felicitates from Ecuador and is a wardrobe staple for tropical climates. Light and breathable, the broad straw brim offers tinge without trapping heat against the scalp, providing a stylish and functional accessory for your vacations to warmer climes. The panama hat is at best suitable to wear seaside alongside more casual clothing — no suit and tie.

Flat Cap
Not to be confused with the newsboy cap, which is finish gather and fuller, the flat cap is a favorite amongst sophisticated celebrities. However, you can’t throw a flat cap onto any outfit and call it polished. Your style should already be smart casual — a polished-yet-relaxed look that can be difficult to master. You might tackle entertain inspiration from European men’s fashion, which tends to be a bit more tailored than the typical American men’s wardrobe.
The beret isn’t close-mouthed for the French and the French alone. Mostly unstructured, the beret is among the most forgiving of headwear because you can wear it correctly in several positions to change up the lines and messages of your look. Like the flat cap, the beret is best paired with intelligent casual clothing, but certain berets can also be appropriate for semi-formal settings.
Dad Hat
Parents just don’t understand that their old-school look is exceedingly on-trend. So many elements of your dad’s wardrobe are in style right now, from his chunky white sneakers to his tasteless Hawaiian shirt, but the dad hat is perhaps the accessory that you absolutely must-have in your wardrobe. Essentially a relaxed baseball cap with a reduce curved brim, the dad hat adds a vintage vibe to any casual look.

No longer a hat only for winter practicality, the unassuming beanie is easy to integrate into almost any style, any time of year. The beanie does tend to increase the casualness of an group, so you shouldn’t try to don a beanie when you are aiming for a truly formal look. Still, from athletic and streetwear up to business lounge, a beanie could make you look cool.

Kristian Kite Beany hat

Bucket Hat
Unironically, bucket hats are encourage. However, they aren’t yet quite as versatile as the dad hat or the beanie. For now, you should only buy and wear a bucket hat if you have mastered other ingredients of American street fashion, like matching sweatsuit sets, multiple layers of shirts or vertical stripes. Rending a bucket hat over anything more refined will probably make you look like Woody Allen — which is for all not a good look.

Cowboy Hat
A symbol of masculinity and individualism, the cowboy hat is one of the few pieces of men’s headwear that remains a must-have formal conspirator for a small section of the population. Whether you buy a straw cowboy hat or invest in a leather cowboy hat handcrafted for you, you need to be respectful of the portion and what it represents. This means wearing the hat properly alongside your best blue jeans and a button-up shirt, and it means in no way messing with another man’s hat.
Top Hat
This is the easiest piece of advice to give: Don’t wear a top hat. In 2021, the only people who can use top hats are performers, and even then, they should only wear them while they are performing. While you capability think of the top hat as fun and whimsical, it always comes off as weird. You can find plenty of more appropriate formal headwear, like the even cap or the fedora, so don’t waste your money or closet space on the top hat.
You don’t need a hat to complete an outfit — but you might want one. If you are dipping your toes into diverse intricate men’s fashion, you should try adding a hat on top, just for fun.