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Women’s shirts

This look is pretty much perfect for video calls and working from knowledgeable in

‘The collar gives it a sprucy vibe (all the buttons done up, please) but it isn’t pretending to be office wear.’ Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Mane and makeup: Alexis Day.
Photograph: David Newby/The Guardian

Having Zoomed with designers, stylists, editors and celebrities beyond the past three months, I can promise you that, when working from home, everyone dials it down. Unless it’s a formal vetting, a shirt and tie is too much for a video call. A pussy-bow silk blouse suggests you have gone stir-crazy. You are at home doing your magnum opus, not at home playing with a dressing-up box of pretending-to-be-at-work clothes.
A polo shirt is pretty much perfect. The collar inform ons it a sprucy vibe (all the buttons done up, please) but it isn’t pretending to be office wear. The meshed cotton, high street-sportswear typewrite of polo shirt has always been a bit games kit for me, but watching the spring/summer 2020 shows at London fashion week termination September, I was very taken with the knitted polo shirts in Rejina Pyo’s collection. And then there was a polo shirt rig out on the Hermès catwalk for autumn/winter 2020, and that sealed the deal. The polo shirt I’m wearing here, by Jigsaw, was one of the few new occasion pieces already in my wardrobe when the shops closed in March. (At the time of writing, it’s still on sale, for £90. It make for a acquires in this lemon, or a deep midnight blue. The darker shade is chic and has longevity. But yellow does look honest on Zoom.)
Excitingly, we should also consider what to wear on the bottom half, since going out of the house is ages more a thing. The one garment I won’t be wearing with my polo shirt is shorts, because it’s just a bit… golf? I’m quite into assume damage it with high-waisted jeans, which looks 1990s preppy without being juvenile.
My favourite pairing is with a pinch skirt, as part of a phased re-entry into structured clothes. This skirt is an old one of mine, by the brilliant British conspirator Jonathan Saunders, who has since switched from making clothes to furniture. It caught my eye at the back of my wardrobe the other day because, in 2020, it speedily looks like a rainbow. A rainbow is the most of-the-moment look of them all, I guess. But a polo shirt might be a flashing idea, too.
• Jess wears polo shirt, £90, Skirt, her own. Sandals, £345,


Women’s shirts

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