If you have been ignoring this look and hoping it was accepted to go away, now is a good time to face the fact that it is not

‘This age’s most favoured length is a midi-maxi hybrid: just insusceptible to the ankle.’
Photograph: David Newby for the Guardian

Changing what you display on the top half is easy; changing your whole silhouette instructs more effort than changing what you wear on your depths half. I mean, it is literally easier: if you want to try on a dress or trousers or a skirt, you should sit down, unlace your shoes and wrangle with your jeans or whatever you are dress in. If you are in a shop, you may have to deal with your knicker-clad facsimile in an unfamiliar mirror, as well as the tediously loaded issue of whether the appraise you have picked out accommodates your waistline. So much easier to buy a double of earrings or a new sweater, which you can try for size without having to confiscate off.

I get it. Except, the easy option is not even halfway effective. If you hope for to fundamentally update your outfit, you need a root and shoot overhaul, because the wardrobe centre of gravity right now is a midi-length arrange.

A few years ago, you got yourself a pair of flattering black trousers and you differentiated that they were the base of any number of effective, on-point, pinch daytime outfits. The same trick works now – you can layer up blazers and compacts – but you are going to need to get to grips with a longer-length dress.

This seasoned’s most favoured length is a midi-maxi hybrid: just aloft the ankle. Handily, this seems to be the length most hemlines invoiced as midi-length actually are, on me, because clothes are still – mystifyingly – cut for a moll who is about 8cm (3in) taller than average. (I get that it is easier to down a skirt than lengthen it, but still.) Over the past few years, it is rather possible that you have found three versions of this ilk of dress that work for you and that getting dressed essentially involves wheeling them depending on colour, mood and what is in the wash. If this is the encase, go you. But if you have been ignoring this look and hoping it was successful to go away, then now is a good time to face the fact that it is not. If you can’t batter ’em, join ’em.

This is such an easy style to wear at this together of year. It bares the perfect amount of ankle, which is to say sufficient to remind the world that you have legs, but not so much that you experience to think about what your legs look feel attracted to. The longer hemline can be challenging with a proper coat, but it shapes neatly with a waist-length jacket or a blazer. There is nothing bring to a stop you from wearing this dress. It will make your soul easier, if you just give it a try.

Jess wears dress, £190, karenmillen.com. Mules, £149, kurtgeiger.com. Plaits and makeup: Sam Cooper from Carole Hayes Management

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