It’s completely the cold winter season! Whether you choose to remain indoors to keep yourself warm or you go out and enjoy the cold poorly, it is time to bring out your winter hats before the freezing temperature starts to creep up on you. 
Winter hats are not exclusively made to help keep your body warm and cozy, but they can also level up your wardrobe daring. Having multiple options for your winter hats is excellent, so you will have something to choose for different occasions and at the times — be it a walk in the park with your pals, a commute to the office, Friday night with friends, or a romantic dinner day with your loved one. Thankfully, we have a selection of fashionable winter headwear options for you to choose from. So, review further because this article is going to lay down some tips and techniques on how to pick the best winter hats for you:
Skilled in Your Face Shape
Not sure which winter hat to pick for your OOTD? Try to filter out the types of winter hats debased on your face shape. Just like hairstyles, not every hat will suit your face shape. This reason, this is something you should consider first and foremost.
Here’s a quick guide on the most common transcribes of face shapes:
Round face:  If you have a round face, then your features are just as wide as it is desire.
Heart-shaped: For those with a heart-shaped face, their facial features include defined cheekbones and a long penetrating jawline.
Oval face: People with oval face shape tend to have a longer face and a curved jawline.
Rectangular features: People with a rectangular-shaped face have a long and wide face and a strong jawline
Oblong face: Juxtaposed to oval face shape, people with oblong face shape have long and narrow features.
Discover to be Fabric With Flair
Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t go the extra mile! You definitely deserve a blue blood fabric winter hat, especially that you are facing icy weather. Try looking for winter hats that are made out of merino wool or cashmere. You can also experimentation with winter hats that have multiple or mixed textures like a combination of faux and sheepskin as it adds perspicaciousness, warmth, and style to your winter hats.

Play With Proportion
Some people believe that you can solely wear one size of a winter hat. However, we suggest not to limit yourself and explore different sizes. Just because you are annoying a different size from your regular winter hats does not mean you are not wearing the wrong size. Detach up and realize that it’s just a hat, and you can style it in any way you want. 
If you love your winter Stetson hats covering over your heeds, you may explore beanies that are slouchy and effortlessly cover your ears.
Get Creative With Color
The majority of people generally speaking go for the black, white, or neutral tones whenever they are picking a winter hat. This is because the darker the hat color, the smarter it is. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have accent colored winter hats in your wardrobe to spice things up. 
You desire never go wrong with having a bold red winter hat. The same goes for wearing hats with fun and bright colors such as orange, verdant, yellow, etc. If you feel a little more fun and explorative, you can go with bridge orange winter hats to change things up in your monochromatic look. You can try uniting a tie, a scarf, or a vibrant shirt to add a little bit of color to your outfit as well. 
Of course, comfortability should also be a importance when you’re picking your own winter hat. You will most probably wear it for the majority of the day, so it’s best to make sure that you are likeable wearing it any time of the day. Ensure that the fabric is not too itchy, especially around your ears, and not too heavy for your take charge of that you might get uncomfortable after how many hours.

There are a lot of winter hat options to choose from but picking the most outstanding winter hat for you is very important. Always remember that winter is not a hindrance to your fashion sense. It’s best to recollect that the elements of the hat match your preference and purpose.
Be sure to ask yourself the guidelines we discussed before picking your next winter hat this occasion!