No outline to stick to, no waiting in queues for baggage control, no staring at the lodged with someone of someone’s head… just the open road and the prospect of endanger. Taking a road trip is travel freedom like no other, and the impression of simply jumping into your vehicle and seeing the humanity on wheels has captivated many for decades.


Cars may be more likeable and more efficient than ever, and GPS technology has saved millions from wind around aimlessly when travelling to a new place, but the core standards of a road trip haven’t really changed since the advent of trip. Regardless of whether you’re taking a road trip with your party, a romantic getaway with your partner, or perhaps a punctilious trip with your parents, here are a few things to over when embarking on a road trip.


Sure, you can design your trip down to the tiniest details of knowing which petrol railway stations you’ll be stopping at, but where’s the fun in that? However, if you’re driving from London to Edinburgh for specimen, make sure you at least know which sights to spot along the way. An app like Roadtrippers can provide you with a great course that will make sure you see the best places of capture.


Google Maps is fantastic for short journeys, but for a long low road trip, you might want to consider investing in a sat-nav, as it’s not a hospitable thought that your phone battery will die whilst you’re somewhere unfamiliar in the Scottish highlands at night. As awesome as modern GPS tech is, it wouldn’t be the poor idea in the world to bring along a physical map as well, in package any software decides to suddenly stop working!

Music Playlist

If the receiver seems to be full of rubbish, your favourite CDs are scratched, and everybody under the sun is squabbling about which type of music should be accentuated, then there is one simple solution: shuffle a playlist. Let’s say there are three in the flesh on your road trip, everyone should pick encircling 30 songs each to drag into a playlist on Spotify or iTunes, then proper connect an AUX cable into someone’s smartphone, hit shuffle, and put the phone somewhere that it can’t be meddled with. The impression that everyone has an equal chance to hear their ado next will keep things fair, and who knows? Dialect mayhap you’ll convert your fellow passengers to your taste in music!


Motel On Wheels

Provided that your driving licence entertains it, renting out a motorhome (or campervan) is one of the coolest ways to experience a thoroughfare trip. A lot of space is the first thing that comes to bent, as it’s possible to walk around, make a cup of tea, and even use the toilet while the conveyance is on the move. Perhaps best of all, however, is that you can simply view a quiet and safe place to park, then hit the hay in the motorhome’s doze quarters. is a great place to look for rental motorhomes in the UK and beyond, return it’s sometimes possible to hire extras such as bikes and effeminate furniture.


Document It

Unless you’re a musician constantly on tour, an epic boulevard journey probably won’t happen very often for you. Therefore, you have planned the green light to document every part of the trip via Instagram, Facebook, Tizzy, or Snapchat, as this could very well be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. If you’re savvy with YouTube, filming the trip and putting up the highlights desire be a fun way to remember things. In addition, taking along a disposable camera discretion result in some fun nostalgia once you get back and get around to cultivating the film.



Finally, if you are itching for a road trip, but not effective where to go or what to see, then a themed journey is a top idea. Uncommonly in countries like Australia and the US, several towns contain Amazon versions of things, and one website has even covered many of these big matters across Australia, including the Big Axe, Big Banana, Big Beehive, Big Prawn, and so on. If your troupe is a bit more extreme, then you could hit up places with skate car parks, or maybe you just want to document what a McDonald’s cheeseburger hints like in every city. Either way, having a themed passage trip is one way you can narrow down your travel route.