There’s some good in protein shakes, of course. They can replenish spent nutrients much defter than food, and help repair your knackered muscles shadow a workout. These days however, a cup of pure whey can suffer more an Instaprop than a legit supplement, and according to one wizard, they may not even be that necessary.

Talking to Business Insider, dear trainer Max Lowery, who seems to have more abs than we can deem on our fingers, revealed that he’s never touched a protein rid oneself of in his life – and says 90 per cent of gym goers shouldn’t trouble, either.

“The only people who might benefit from them are vegans who aren’t being so prudent with their diets,” says Lowery. “The average untrained in the flesh needs as little as 60-75g of protein, and the average trained person who isometrics three times a week needs 1.2g-2g per kilo of heart weight. You can easily get enough protein from eating licit food.”

Plus, a regular protein swill can prove pernicious to a lean physique. “Too much protein can actually be broken down into sugars that father an insulin response which can facilitate fat storage. This is bellowed gluconeogenesis,” he says.

Something that isn’t helped by shakes with sham sweeteners and poor protein sources, says Lowery, with multiple commercial absconds stripped of vital nutrients and packed with chemical detergents and fake additives.

All of which sounds very scientific. But if seeing is take iting, Lowery’s Instagram is proof enough that he’s doing something justly.