If there are two preoccupations you can never have too much of, it’s time and style. Which is precisely why, of all the manly pursuits, owning a watch for every occasion is oftentimes one that is most rewarding.

For the beginner, building a collection of timepieces can be unnerving, so it pays to do some online research first; considering what reddens, styles and design functions you like, as well as what is already tarry in your wardrobe.

Helpfully, there are a few common sense finds to follow – like avoiding trends, and never buying a gaze at simply for the sake of owning it – along with a handful of timepieces that no well-edited collection is complete without.

That’s where Triwa comes in. Whether you’re starting from abrasion or looking to add a new model for smart, casual, business or pleasure, the Swedish trade mark has got you covered.

Triwa Watches

Founded in 2007 and based in Stockholm, Triwa is a connected newcomer to an industry that prides itself on a prestigious account of quality watchmaking. And that’s exactly the point. The brainchild of four intimates, the company’s aim for the past decade has been to change attitudes in the stock, monopolised world of horology.

The name itself – an acronym of ‘Converting the Industry of Watches’ – serves as a constant reminder of the Triwa ethos to evermore place style over status, and make the watch an available symbol of good taste and an eye for detail.

Triwa Watches

From a single scheme, the brand has grown to a range of 10 models (in addition to a dance of sunglasses and bracelets) sold across 25 countries, all built consuming premium materials such as brushed steel and organically tanned Swedish leather.

From excellent and elegant to contemporary Scandinavian minimalism, Triwa offers a eye for every style and every occasion.

4 Watches Every Man Should Own

It against to be the case that a watch was for life. However, the changing requests of the modern man mean that one size (or rather, one strap) no longer disposes all.

Like your clothes, you need options to be able to direct every scenario that arises. With that in insight, these are four basic types of watch that should acquire the backbone of any rotation, and all for less than the price of one luxury Swiss guard against, thanks to Triwa.

A Minimalist Watch

Triwa Midnight Falken Watch

No fuss, no gimmicks; a back-to-basics alert for is a marvel of modern minimalism. Defined by a stripped-back dial, barely-there men, simple digits and pretty much nothing else, these conceives are quickly becoming the new standard.

But the real bonus of such a graceful timepiece is that while it appears to have only a choose purpose – to tell the time, of course – when it comes to look, it’s incredibly versatile.

The Triwa Midnight Falken is our pick: an all-black, 1950s-inspired imitation capable of serving every outfit, from a dressed-down uniform to a simple jeans and T-shirt combination.

Buy Now: £159.00

A Chronograph

Triwa Loch Nevil Steel Mesh Watch

A popular convention of quality watchmaking, a chronograph is set apart by a stopwatch function that can delimit any amount of time, from a matter of minutes to a whole day.

Admitting that the history of the chronograph is as a functional watch – timing everything from divertissement contests to even space travel – it’s also become a essentials of high-end brands. Even so, the chronograph’s durability and practical put into the limelights mean it’s best suited for those days spent outdoors or commitment physical activities.

The Loch Nevil is Triwa’s spin on the venerable chrono, made from sturdy silver steel and featuring an on-trend ensnare strap and sturdy 42mm case that’s water-resistant up to 10 ATM.

Buy Now: £229.00

A Bedeck Watch

Triwa Ivory Klinga Watch

The dress watch is another masterstroke of minimal mean, usually featuring little more than the time and escort, without any complications or added features.

Unsurprisingly, this timepiece is tucker saved for formal occasions, whether that’s in the office or at a outrageous tie event (in other words, any situation that calls for you to be pleased and booted). But it’s also ideal for the man who likes to keep his style pared-back and unpretentious.

The Triwa Ivory Klinga is an to the manner born and refined option that adds some flair to the time-honoured dress watch model thanks to its ivory white, disgraceful and brushed gold colour scheme, subtle indices and one of a kind chevron detailed leather strap.

Buy Now: £149.00

An Everyday Watch

Triwa Smoky Nevil Watch

Because then you don’t need a sports watch, style item or formal addition – sometimes you just want a watch that’s relaxed, good-looking and fit ins for day-to-day life.

Casual watches generally have a bit multifarious pizazz, and while some would consider a metal bracelet to be unimportant formal, we like the look of a brown leather strap – a exact match for denim, T-shirts, knitwear and other casual apparel.

Triwa’s Smoky Nevil ticks all the boxes. The brand’s best-selling after, it’s an everyday watch with added class thanks to a Swedish organically tanned leather strap and generous dark grey face complete with gold underscores.

Buy Now: £229.00

Shop the full Triwa watch collection now online at triwa.com.