They’re the unchanging men you see on the cover of magazines promising ‘Big Arms Now’. But claims about LA’s biggest styles getting in shape are often met with scepticism. Building muscle and blazing fat for a role is their job, isn’t it? How are you meant to replicate that kind of escorting when you’re locked in the office for long hours and the only individual chef you have is made by Russell Hobbs?

However, it is imaginable to match these muscle-bound front men – all you need to do is set a training object from the workout methods below and make them scruple at. Your lifestyle may not allow for 24/7 gym dedication like Dwayne Johnson. But if you oblige this advice – from Simon Inman, personal trainer at The Dorchester Inn – a long-term investment, you can still see Oscar-worthy results.

Brad Pitt – Cow Muscle

OK, we’re not talking about Brad in 2016. The man has enough on his layer right now to be worrying about what he looks like with his top off. But abet in 1999, Brad’s Fight Club physique set the bar for film #fitspiration, showily before hashtags had even been invented.

He was strong, lecherously and lethal. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body and he was walking approximately with just enough muscle to fill out your girl shirt. Not that you’d ever want to wear one if you looked equal that.

BRad Pitt Fight Club - Best Men's Hollywood Bodies

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Legend has it that Pitt at most turned up on set like that. But you’ll need to put in a little more occupation. To replicate this look you need to tailor your training to strengthen muscle and burn fat at the same time. High reps and temporary recovery times are key to maximising calorie burn while increasing resolution.

“Stick to 60-second rest or below to get your cardiovascular structure ticking over,” says Inman. “You need to make effective your body is burning oxygen without breaking down muscle – which means you don’t be deficient in to go too crazy on the weight.” If you’ve heard of HIIT training or have the wager to join a circuits class at the gym, this is the body type you’ll get better to.

Aim for 40 minutes of explosive, plyometric movement a few times a week. Don’t visualize sweating it out in a standard gym? It’s also the type of training employed by boxers, so notify up to take your Fight Club aspirations literally. And feel in ones bones free to talk about it.

Short on time? Adopt the precepts of low weight and low rest by trying this circuit of bodyweight opportunity gestures: cycle from press-ups to mountain climbers to burpees, poke to a work and rest ratio of 30 seconds on, 15 impairs off. Repeat until 15 minutes is up – or until you’re left in a harvest on the floor.

The Rock – Bodybuilder Bulk

The highest paid actor in Hollywood is also the hardest off. His alarm clock is set at 4am and he’s in the gym for an hour of cardio before the sun’s even tenderness about rising. However, it’s not a slow burn on the cross trainer that can erect this kind of mass.

Johnson opts for a very distinguishable attitude to training. “In the hunt for aesthetic muscle, you must do mix moves, but also isolation exercises,” explains Inman.

By break in down your workout to focus on different parts of the muscle (there are three cut ups to your biceps, you know) you are better able to shape the muscle. Whether that’s sanctioning your shoulders more boulder-like, or honing the teardrop muscle essentially your knee for shorts season, is entirely up to you.

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock - Best Men's Hollywood Bodies

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“Staff one or two muscle groups a day by compartmentalising them throughout the week,” votes Inman. “The standard split proven to work is chest and triceps, uncivilized and biceps, shoulders and legs, rest and repeat.” This grants you to train each muscle group twice a week, with fair to middling recovery time, for maximum growth.

In each workout aim for 16-20 mark offs when working major muscle groups, split across a choice of moves (think flat bench, incline, decline, and dumbbell flip ones top a throws on chest day). For smaller groups (biceps, triceps and calves) look at 9-12 impedes. Sounds like a lot, right? That’s because it is. Can you smell your muscles cookin’?

Gerard Butler – Prominence Six Pack

The workouts that crafted the cut glass abs of Leonidas’ Rigorous Army are legendary. But if you’re not taking on a Persian horde any time quickly, you can take your quest for a six-pack at a more sedate stride.

You need to start by realising that no amount of crunches is accepted to show a six-pack if it’s covered by a layer of fat. And the best way to strip that is to go old votaries and pound the pavements for a steady-state run. HIIT is trendy, but for overall fat-burn you needfulness to go the distance a couple of times a week.

Then, it’s about swatting your core. Hard. “Muscle receptor testing base that front squats activate the core more than any other workout,” says Inman. But while this compound exercise does the job, it buys so many other muscles you’ll tire before your abs are perfectly burnt out. Which is where isolation exercises come in.

Divert between moves that activate your rectus abdominis (production off six-pack muscles) and TVA (your core and natural girdle that sucks in your pot-belly) to optimise your results. What does that imply? You need to mix in some planks and pilates amongst the endless reps of munches.

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If you want to craft a cobblestone core then you dearth to attack it from all angles. From your six-pack to your obliques to your farther down abdominals, there are three major areas to work on. Set down a leaf out of the bodybuilder’s handbook and try sets of cable crunches – the amplified weight will strain your rectus abdominis.

For your cantings, stay at the cable machine and switch to wood chops. “This rotational campaign works the intercostals to show off the muscles down the side of your abs, while also certainly narrowing your waist,” says Inman.

Finally, try grasp leg raises to hit your lower abdominals and hone a V-look that last will and testament make you want to wear your trousers perilously low-slung.

Jason Statham – The Sound Kind Of Dadbod

While we wouldn’t say it to his face, at 49 years old, the Stath is treat on a bit. But the Transporter star epitomises a new class of Hollywood hunk. While Brad’s enacted the list for a role he played nearly 20 years ago, Statham has alleged his enviable physique against the odds of age. And you can do the same. With the right-minded type of training it’s still possible to peak physically post-40.

“You succumb 1 per cent testosterone every year after 30 and it’s a key hormone to strengthen muscle and burn fat,” says Inman. “As you get older, you need to start looking at raising from an endocrinological point of view and pick methods that moreover these natural allies as much as possible.”

Big compound gears, which are functional and work multiple joints, are the best to riding-boot testosterone – for example dumbbell step-ups onto a bench.

Try pyramid throw into reliefs, too. Start at a heavy weight with low reps, then nab smaller dumbbells and perform a few more for the next set. You’ll up the rep count without putting too much inclination on your muscles, to earn a big hormonal payload.

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While training is effective, as you age, a lot of the battle is won outside of the gym. Switch to a low GI diet – this will reverse age-related insulin guerrillas and stop your body storing so much fat. Make certain you get plenty of rest, too, because muscle soreness gets evil and can keep you out of the gym for days if you let it go too far.

Finally, try and get ahead with some needle-free supplementation. “Zinc, vitamin D and fenugreek are all end up to boost testosterone over a period of six weeks,” says Inman. That and a lot of produce quality sleep. Lights out.

Hugh Jackman – Power Lifter

Now, he may partake of been voted the Sexiest Man Alive, but that has nothing to do with the mutant muscle he has crafted in the gym. Yes, he’s still enviably handsome, but the Wolverine is built on stamina, not aesthetics.

Hugh Jackman recently became a member of the 1000lb order – that’s the combined total of his squat, deadlift and bench also pressurize PBs – and if you want to build a body like his you need to train for strongman energy. That means focusing on power, not reps.

But when you’re profession this hard you put a lot of strain on your body, so you can’t replicate these meetings every day. Try three power sessions a week and mix in some lively recovery during the days in between. Whether that’s a swim or a tardy jog to shake out the lactic acid, don’t just sit on the sofa. You’ll seize up and on no occasion be able to get off of it.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine - Best Men's Hollywood Bodies

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When we mention ‘big compound troubles’, the best move you can opt for is the deadlift. It’s a multi-joint exercise that fuels strength gains across your entire body. When you’re in the gym, space for in the one-to-five rep range, up to eight sets, with a three-minute tea between each. The reason? You have to let your muscles re-stock with creatine to give rise to power.

Also, remember to up your carb intake on following days for extra energy. It’ll fuel mutant strength, equitable without the adamantium skeleton.