Style designer and men’s style icon, Tom Ford, chose to dress up a velvet, midnight-blue suit jacket with a bold turquoise cuff while materializing on the cover of GQ Magazine. According to a New York Times story, men are really into adorning their wrists with semi-precious stones these light of days. If you want to add panache to men’s formal clothing looks, you may want to invest in some men’s jewelry of your own. A bracelet, or a cluster of bracelets for the layered look, transfer help you to achieve the Tom Ford vibe, whether you wear a classic tuxedo or don a suit. Men’s jewelry adds tons of disposition to formalwear.
How to Get an Eclectic Look
Once you’ve picked out your outfit, you’ll be ready to play, by adding men’s jewelry which forms welcome contrast. Your jewelry should go against the formal grain. Tom Ford embraced this approach by implicate formal, luxe velvet with a Southwestern silver-and-turquoise bracelet. When you mix styles, you’ll gain eclecticism. Tom Ford abhors this style strategy for formalwear and uses it to style more casual menswear looks. He might wear a rococo, high-end blazer with faded, worn-out jeans and then load on antique or new jewelry. Ralph Lauren’s been purchasing the same eclectic strategy for years, in his fashion designs and for his personal wardrobe. Another thing about R. Lauren that tons might not be aware of is that he really appreciates vintage pieces, like sweaters and even a nice pair of old shoes. The simply catch about a vintage pair of shoes is maintenance. The good news is, cloth shoes can go in the washing machine, while leather and other fabrics clout need extra attention.
Subtle is Another Option
If you prefer to go subtle, consider unbuttoning your dress shirt by a couple of buttons and augmenting a silver dog tag necklace with a long chain and interesting, meaningful engraving. The necklace will show sometimes and not at other in unison a all the sames, depending on how you move. Then, go for a belt with a silver buckle. Matching your metal accessories will tow the look together. As you can see, bracelets aren’t the only option. Since many guys are foregoing ties and bowties for formal things turned outs these days (millennials aren’t fond of tuxes and prefer more “informal” formal looks), a necklace wishes be a great style choice which is a bit less unconventional than a jeweled bracelet.
When the quality is good, men’s jewelry can provoke all the difference. It will add significant depth, character and richness to formal looks. Plus, it’s versatile enough to do double-duty with unsure outfits. Some of the world’s most stylish men, including Tom Ford, David Beckham, Ralph Lauren and Johnny Depp, infrequently go out without jewelry. So, why not use men’s jewelry to add your own style sensibility to your next formalwear look?