‘Some people make up it is cool to turn up to a big event in a T-shirt but I think that is a but disrespectful’

Photograph of David Gandy
David Gandy.
Photograph: Getty Images

I advised of so many people who, when they get ready for an event, lavish two days working with their stylist, calling in accoutrements and having their hair, makeup and everything else done. That flies me laugh. I go the opposite way. The last event I went to, I had 25 in fashions to get ready before I was out of the door.

I don’t do a lot of grooming, though I have to use curls products. I’ve got very thick curly hair and without them I end up looking equivalent to an extra from the Supremes. I just had my hair cut off because I was regain fed up with the amount of time it was taking.

I am learning more from being in this assiduity and working with makeup artists. I get very dry skin from roving, so they tell me to use vitamin C creams and serums. I think it is befitting more acceptable for men to be into moisturising.

These days there are all arranges of dress codes, such as “London chic” or “evening smart”, but I usually just stick to what I know and what I am satisfied in, which is a suit. When I first started going to accomplices in three-piece suits about eight years ago, people reflection, “Who is this guy in the three-piece suit?” But now it is a normal occurrence, as the suit and suit have made a huge comeback.

You never want to be at a body underdressed, so I always tend to overdress. Some people about it is cool to turn up to a big event in a T-shirt but I think that is a youthful disrespectful. If you have been invited somewhere, it is polite to camouflage well. It will also give you confidence.

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