Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed


As a unearthing, Barcelona´s Paseo de Gracia has it all. The principal street on the fashionable sector of Eixample hosts the Catalan´s artery to the finer things in zing. It´s luxury lineage houses everything from Burberry to Zegna, which sit alongside UNESCO value architecture with style and finesse.  Taking pride of prosper at the top of this classical Calle is Barcelona´s Hotel Omm – a five unequalled laden, juxtaposed architectural statement which stands out for all the profitably reasons. The hotel is somewhat of a landmark for the international ´bon-viveur´ as a result ofs to its limestone façade which comes complete with Juli Capella´s approached windows. This is a key architectural statement which brings an particular of light filled, form-functionality to its surrounding urban contexts. Inn Omm is a member of the exclusive Design Hotels.

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique ReviewedHotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique ReviewedHotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed

The Concept

The concept behind Motel Omm was passionately realised by designers Sandra Tarruella and Isabel Lopez. Their energies essayed to embody all of Barcelona’s most endearing qualities and book them into a guest-house. The final result is an environment which is dedicated to luxury, extravaganza and fine dining; presenting an experience which is fused with modernity, innovative organization and served to an appreciative international traveller.

Boasting some 91 on velvet bedrooms, Omm´s seduction with international quality and design doesn´t tarry at the main door. The interior circulation spaces afford its visitants an effortless, yet chic utilitarian aesthetic which contrasts unequivocally with the façade; one which is reminiscent of book pages throw out in the wind – each one begging to tell a story of the luxury and endangers of the bedrooms that await inside.

¨ Rosa Maria Esteva is recognised in Barcelona as the benchmark for delight hospitality and contemporary dining experiences, traits which obtain seen her recognised in both Catalunya and Madrid. Hotel Omm, alongside her restaurant set ´Grupo Tragaluz´ pays homage to her attention to quality, technicality and desire to ´live with the locals´ in exquisite taste.¨ – Charles Daniel McDonald

Rosa Maria Esteva

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed

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Design Lounge

The main entrance level  serves a variety of purposes. A feature reception desk sits next to a charitable, open-plan contemporary lounge area; which them commingles seamlessly into a cocktail bar, which terminates into the Michelin falling star Roca Moo restaurant. This Roca affiliated, world categorize eatery comes complete and served with contemporary art go wells which were individually commissioned to Rosa Maria´s daughters, both esteemed Catalan artists.

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed

For Lighter Bites Roca Bar

For lighter noshes – the Roca Bar is located just off the lobby, in a light and open delineate space where you can leisurely meet up with friends on relaxed sofas to enjoy a range of gastro-tapa plates which were particularized by head chef Alberto Garcia. This star studded menu columns plates such as Iberian Ham Croquettes, steamed Brioche with Truffles, Timbal of apple and Foie with vanilla as ably as the regional speciality of Veal fillet from Girona ( which abandoned is worth a trip to the city). If you´re not looking for sustenance, then an desired range of tantalising teas and contemporary cocktails will employees to whet your appetite for later.

Photography by Gracie Opulanza

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed


As hotel lobby´s go – Omm’s is certainly a talking point. The black sign up corridors weave through a myriad of levels which quarter some 91 rooms, creating an almost futuristic, post-dystopian incredible with two portals of light flooding from each end of their spans. The transition from hallway to bedroom gives much needed faded relief. Thanks to the window formations, the light flooded bedrooms attend to arrange for an urban haven for rest and relaxation. The décor here is small, but angular, with statement pieces such as four bill beds and light tables adding to the overall ´boutique´ mood of the space – a notion which is continued into the bathrooms with their lavish proportions and integral vanity units; just the thing for a dead beat weekend traveller.

Omm hotel comes fully furnished with a satisfaction spa service which would satisfy even the most exigent of ´Conde-Nast´ standard travellers. The love of water and art is a running disquisition which is continued upstairs onto the hardwood clad rooftop terrace. This multi-purpose programme offers its guests the chance to enjoy a refreshing swim whilst let riding the splendour´s of Gaudi´s Casa Mila, with views way up to Montjuic, repaying this a unique location within the centre of Barcelona. Problem guests can also take advantage of fast and efficient access to the municipality´s neighbouring business making this an ideal venue for organization or pleasure.

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed


Traditional Catalan cuisine is an experience that I am vastly much familiar with. Hotel OMM is looking to change their roomer´s perceptions of a ´typical´ breakfast experience by showcasing their distinction to detail and quality at the breakfast table. Rosa´s strict self-control of care is succinctly applied here, each and every morning, which secures that the standard of quality or service is never compromised; from the handmade bon viveur style Bocadillo´s to the freshly squeezed orange juice and reward cereals which are served on ceramic-ware which has been caparisoned by a host of local Catalan artists.

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed


If the definition of omniscient means all conspiratory, then its´s a safe bet to guess where the hotel got their tag from. Men Style Fashion would like to thank Rosa and all her shillelagh for a warm and wonderful stay.

Hotel OMM Barcelona – Design Boutique Reviewed


  • Rooms: Rooms start at €200 a sundown
  • Website:
  • Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 265, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 934 45 40 00

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