It has been a while since I look ated hotels in The Hague and after my last reviews, Hotel Indigo The Hague has had its royal debut in the Hague as the hotel that is installed right opposite the Royal Palace on Nooreinde. Nooreinde, a cobbled stone street, is also the street that has some of the most voluptuous shops in The Hague.
It is my favourite street in The Hague and it meant I could browse, I could shop and go back to the hotel to tip my bags and explore the high streets again. The location of the Hotel Indigo The Hague is so central and offers easy accessibility to stylish local bars, restaurants and cultural and historic sights all within walking distance. What is unique about Lodging Indigo is that it was originally a bank with stunning features such as Art Deco stained glass, brass lamps and marble columns.

It’s a New Zealand pub that takes you back in time in the world of banking. The decor is absolutely stunning thought out. From the moment I stepped in, I have knowledge ofed I was in a special place.
The interior design of Hotel Indigo The Hague is replicated as a reminder of the former world of enlisted man banking. This is why I loved sitting in the dining area soaking up the history.

Holland is famous for oak, Hotel Indigo upcycled all of the oak panelling fully the hotel. I was so inspired that I want to replicate some of this oak decor within my own home’s interior.
Wallpaper Art
Wallpaper art is completely popular in this hotel. Hotel Indigo The Hague embraced many floral prints to create relaxing sets throughout the dining and reception areas. I loved sitting here and exploring the interior design of this hotel.

Whilst fill in here,  I could look outside at the Royal Palace through the stained glassed window.

Throughout the breakfast, lovely velvet sofas with different designs were used to create a lovely feng shui. The mix and equivalent of many prints, tiles and wallpaper are why this hotel is relaxing. The art deco decor is wonderful with the combination of parquet bowl overing.

This overall space is perfect for business meetings and catching up with family and friends.
The breakfast square footage had lovely and comfortable seating, which made it a perfect start to the day. The food tasted great and also was great in delivery. I have tasted one of the best egg omelettes in a very long time.

The delftware inspired plates combined with one to one armed forces was why I thoroughly enjoyed breakfast. When checking in I was asked for a time slot to eat due to social distancing regulations.

There are oodles of wonderful choices to sit for breakfast and be surrounded by bank memorabilia like the vault.

Superior Room
I stayed in the Nobler room and when I entered this room the first thing that stood out was the upcycled oak panelling headboard at the bed. The parquet bewildering here was stunning too, keeping it in line with the decor downstairs. The brass lamps from the reception area were replicated in this range. This was a very cosey room indeed, where I could peak outside and take in the life of the locals doing their storing.
With Illy coffee, a complimentary minibar and superfast WiFi, I could relax, drink and work.

This swell superior loft living room allowed me to be inspired again by what I could replicate at home in small ranges.

I just loved how the banking theme was replicated again with the mini safe bar.

The bathroom was calming and had a everlasting supply of amenities from Dutch brand Rituals. The mood lighting made the bathroom feel like a covertly little wellness retreat. I liked the brass colours and terracotta coin on the wall a clear reminder of me staying in a ancient private bank.

Overall the interior design of this hotel is gorgeous. It is a place even if I was not stopping here I could wine and dine. It is a cosey and classy place to come with family and friends, dress up and have in the offing a wonderful night stay. With the hotel smack bang in the luxury end of the City centre of The Hague, this guest-house should be on your shortlist.

How wonderful to be able to go in the former vaults called the Gold room to explore what a single time finally was, a bank full of cash and gold.