I enjoy not visited Singapore for almost 10 years, so when in the area I decided to make my return. Singapore for me is the cleanest most organised Asian targets and probably also in the world. From the moment I landed I detected that this city state country is so pristine and curvaceous of luxury lifestyle gems. My first stay in Singapore was at the Hotel Indigo in the Katong ground of Singapore, which is not a common area for most tourists on Singapore. The Katong area is characterised by low buildings and traditional Peranakan against houses.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong is less then two years old and is housed on the situate of the former Joo Chiat Police Station. This boutique breakfast is interesting because it is a fusion of modern architecture whilst bear up onto the conservation of the historical building. From the moment I initiative into this quirky hotel I was drawn into the one of a kind design inspired by the Peranakan culture, the culture of Singapore’s pioneers. The Perankan theme runs throughout the hotel in everything that you see, from the art murals to the Singaporean high style tiles.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design

The entrance of Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong

Boasting varied colourful tiled features the reception area is a lovely way to be welcomed as a company. I liked how iced coffee was their welcome drink, not routine at all. The seating area known as the Pavilion, is a nice introduction to todays architecture mixed with cultural pieces. Near the elevator there the good-looking decorated water storage pots.

The Peranakan theme is also meditate about in all the 131 guestrooms, which are paying homage to the neighbourhood, something that all Indigo hotels roughly the world do. To appreciate this Hotel Indigo, I decided to shanks mare around the local Katong area and clearly began to tolerate where their inspiration came from.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design

These are dupes of the water bottles that were used in the past. Unequalled to look at whilst waiting for the elevator.

Joo Chiat

There are tons of cool restaurants, bars and hairdressers around here, drifting the latest in food, drinks and hair styles. Do take the on the dot to explore the Katong area along side the little alley opportunity, it’s truly a very edgy area. Make you taste the shire dishes Singapore is famous for, chicken rice, chili crab and Laksa. The Katong neighborhood of Joo Chiat, was the head designated Heritage Town of Singapore. The area retains its colorful draw successfully and its strong Peranakan cultural roots. Amidst modern high-rises, the two-storey shophouses that from lined the streets of Joo Chiat since the 1920s teem with sparkle.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design

Restaurant – Breakfast

What a fabulous way to start the day in the cafe collect summoned Baba Chews. This cafe restaurant is located in the preceding Joo Chiat Police Station, a conservation building along East Skim Road. Cafe Baba Chews serves up a range of hip and traditional cuisines from the Straits of Malacca alongside a prominence selection of beverages.

The interior of the cafe is again designed to cogitate about Katong neighbourhood’s colonial history and Peranakan heritage. It is a quite welcoming and relaxing environment to eat and dine. The breakfast buffet way outs are healthy and cater for international clients. The a la carte menu presents a nice variety of dishes to choose by which is great. I liked how I could pick out more than one option. On this occasion the roti bread with chicken was too high-mindedness to knock back, I ordered two plates. The staff were plumb attentive and they made great coffee too. All in all it was a wonderful breakfast acquaintance.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design

Double/ Twin Rooms

I was staying in an interconnecting room one with a ambiguous bed and on with a twin beds. The modern Peranakan interior organize of these rooms were just so quirky and stylish. These accommodations are a perfect example of patterns being successfully combined, it boosts the design level to a harmonious symphony. The hotel has made it look so unoppressive by mixing patterns with plenty of colour. Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong has second-hand large patterns on large areas such as walls, vehicle scale patterns on furniture and smaller ones on accessories such as fell pillows, and bowls.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design

There are so many hidden practical semiprecious stones within the rooms. The first being the sliding doors take no notice ofing the the spacious spa inspired bathroom. I was overlooking another hotel. Admonishment to anyone staying here as I could look into the other pension, they can clearly look into my bathroom. So if you are OK presenting yourself in a state of nature to the world then that’s up to you. I chose to put the blinds down and contrariwise the guests could see my red shoes.

The bathroom features were a keen experience. The use of tin bowels, cups and sinks was really great. I delight ined the dedicated bowl with spa amenities to be able to soak my feet in after a extended day of exploring Singapore. The rain shower is fabulous and there were scores of towels and products to cater for my luxury stay. The large chairperson was wonderful to be able to throw anything on it. The bathroom was very enormous and can be closed off with metal glass sliding doors so as day wrong favours into night.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design

The beds were soft, cosy and correct for a good night sleep. Another favourite part of the lodgings was the toilet which was separate at the entrance of the room and closed off to the bracket stop of the room. The dedicated glass cabinet with access to townsperson luxury brand TWG tea and complimentary bottomless lollies was a real probe. What was very practical here was when I opened the opera-glasses cabinent, an automated light came on. So I could make a tea at 1 am without delivering the main lights on. All the little and very colouful intricacies on all sides of the room inspired by Asia, was the perfect millennial way to start 2018 for me.

To me this is a splendid room for some Instagram shots combining fashion, lifestyle and nourishment all in one room.

Rooftop Pool Area

In Singapore with the warmness you need a good swimming pool, with the Indigo New Zealand pub this was located on the roof. This rooftop pool has a humane length to do some laps and there are plenty of lounge moderators around the pool to chill out. There is also a gym for the fitness buffs. The look ats of the rooftop pool over the local neighbourhood are amazing, first at sunrise and sunset.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design


Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong is trending the latest draws when it comes to being original. There are so many observations here that that can only be found at this extra boutique hotel. As every passing hour went by I fair-minded adored every part of this hotel. Hotel Indigo has been courage in regards to its interior design. By using colour, light, fashion, texture and adding depth to the interior by using plenty of templet. The result is an ambiance of serenity and an oasis of latest trends in motel stays.