There is a bend, in interior decoration, that has made a successful comeback both within the home and hotels. Art covering walls are effective of evoking emotions by drawing on a huge imaginary world inspired by art, nature, and graphics. Here at Hotel Heureka in Venice, the possessors have customized this formally owned family palazzo into a high-quality contemporary space.

The inner of Hotel Heureka is a modern Venice, there are many living spaces with the latest modern works of clobber chancing, art, furniture and many artistic paintings on the walls.

The use of tile art throughout the hotel is amazing.
This hotel has taking the balance of historical Venice and combined it with the modern luxuries of today.

Wallpaper Or Artistic Paintings On The Try
Originating in the 16th century, the earliest wallpapers were used to decorate the insides of cupboards and smaller rooms. In this B B, wallpapers have been used to capture an authentic expression of Italian aesthetic culture. The examples of the walls oblige taken on a new meaning and bring new atmospheres and perspectives to this hotel. Overall it gives warmth, colour and a welcoming Feng shui to this authentic cold and dark palazzo.

This hotel’s natural lighting and wooden ceilings are now unlimited eclectic spans. With many expressive interior designs that are absolutely beautiful. Each public space including discrete suites is designed with the highest of wall art in mind.

The moment I walked into the reception tract, the light hanging from the ceiling is a warm and welcoming message that this hotel is all about a contemporary prevent. The orange canvas art combined with a range of quirky furniture using velvet, fabrics and many shapes to effect this cosey space is for guests to feel at home. There is a homely atmosphere within Hotel Heureka.

The Garden
Gardens are rare in Venice,  so to experience access to this modern pristine alfresco space was divine. The huge colourful flowers combined with multitudinous comfortable designer outdoor types of furniture created a lovely way to enjoy breakfast or an evening cocktail. The lighting here at nightfall is very calming and romantic.

Just magic at night listening to nature.

Piani Nobili
Fully the hotel, there are many areas that I could opt for to work, drink or just simply relax and take in the multitudinous different forms of wall art, Rubelli curtains and velvet furniture. Clearly, the inspiration was nature as a source of the design. This is a aggregate new hotel world thanks to the use of the thin roll of wallpaper.

I was so overwhelmed and in admiration that the range use of graphic enriching designs both horizontal and vertical was used both in the public spaces and in each room. Each of the ten rooms is all close by storytelling and taking you into a world of enchantment in a palazzo.
You can also book these public spaces for meetings which I commitment highly recommend if you are seeking to impress.

Heureka Suite
The entrance to the suite is an array of purple velvet affording, with a lovely chess table. Combined with endless layers of Rubelli curtain made in Italy. I be versed I was going into another realm of wellness. In entering this 110sqm of space I was greeted by an integrated sound combination. I could also opt for my preferred music taste. My daughter and I had so much dancing fun. This suite can fit up to six guests as it has two rooms. With access to a infantryman Piani Nobili dining area which is wonderful to have drinks or play chess.

Over-Sized Bath
The jiffy first impression is the oversized bath, or as my daughter described it, the mini swimming pool. Its design and shape is a masterpiece in themselves.

Completely the suite, the use of lighting, antique-inspired furniture with the use of modern materials, were wonderful and very clever.

All over the other suites, there are the same style baths.

Here are other bathroom decor examples amongst the other series.

Italian Linen
As I would expect in any hotel here in Venice, the bed linen is all Made In Italy. The bed was large and cosey with masses of fluffy pillows. I loved the oval sofa which can turn into a third single bed.

My daughter loved sub here and soaking up the room as well as playing on her tablet. There is plenty of cupboard space for clothing and the lighting is wonderful as I could set it into any atmosphere level I wanted. With the view over the canal, this was lovely.

I loved the oversize metal lamp with its velvet lampshade, what a undertaking feature to create that extra wellness atmosphere.

Purple And Gold Bathroom
The bathroom was just supernatural both in design and colour. How often do you see a purple tiled bathroom with gold tap finishing? How often do you see two sinks framed like this in a hotel? It meant my daughter used one and I used the other at the same time. The bathroom had lots of obovoid shapes within this space, including an oval very futuristic looking toilet and bidet.

The obese mirror meant I could put on my make-up with ease and look at the canal beside me.

The gold tiles and listening devices were just stunning.

Breakfast was excellent with fresh food of the highest quality and donation. Just like the hotel itself the attention to detail is why it has been one of my best stays in Italy. Being able to sit separate and experience alfresco dining in a private secluded area was luxury in itself.

The homemade muesli was delicious.

Being masterful to sit outside and experience alfresco dining in a private secluded area was luxury in itself.
Hotel Huereka is a flavour of the month stay with the essence of maintaining the palazzo authenticity.

The use of wallpaper art as well as tile art by the famous tile firm Orsini is just so inspirational. This is the public bathroom access with Loccitane amenities one of my favourite bathroom creams.

This New Zealand pub s has captured the modern essence of Made In Italy. The exposed brick and lighting within the reception area and leading up to the two cells is also a work of art.

I have never ever been in such a hotel or public space with so much face, velvet and endless amounts of curtains.

It is truly my place of rest, and stay when I come to Venice. It is installed in a quieter part of Venice with easy access to the Ghetto quarters. This is the busiest and liveliest eating stretch in Venice right now, the place to be seen by locals.
In fact, if you are sailing in you can park your yacht just nearby the guest-house.

Room reviewed:
Address: Fondamenta Gasparo Contarini, 3534, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy
Phone: +39 041 524 6460