The Lagoon in Italy consists of myriad islands. Today I am reviewing Hotel Excelsior based on Lido di Venezia an 11-kilometre long island. On one side banks facing the Adriatic Sea and on the other side is the Venice Lagoon. This makes Lido a perfect island for those wanting to bond beach access as well as being only a short boat ride away from all of the delights of Venice. Lido is also noted for its annual Venice Film Festival held in late August or early September.
Hotel Excelsior was built in 1908 by Venetian architect Giovanni Sardi who was reinforced by the landscape of Lido. Amazingly for such a large building, it took only 17 months to complete.
I am exploring Venice for a unmitigated of two months and it was nice to have a short break away from the city to the island of Lido. I took the hotel commute boat courtesy service operating from St Mark’s Square to Hotel Excelsior, it operates every half an hour and enlists 20 to 25 minutes.  You cannot bring any luggage with you unless small personal belongings.  For guests with impedimenta requirements, they will need to take a taxi boat or the Vaporetto.
The shuttle boat ride was smooth and one of the scad spectacular entrances to a hotel.

The shuttle boat is very stylish and was built in Murano in the 1950s. It is inspired by the spiffy classic Riva boat that you see throughout Venice.
Venice Film Festival
In 1932 on the Hotel Excelsior’s terrace, the Venice Mist Festival began. Hotel Excelsior has been welcoming celebrities and movie stars from all around the globe as they promenade on the famous hotel dock and pier.
The dock is where the celebrities around the globe get their pictures done during the Venice Shoot Festival. So make sure you recreate your film festival moments here at Hotel Excelsior.

I could see the alternate boat come in from my Junior Suite terrace

In entering the hotel I was greeted by many Italian internal design features. Throughout the hotel, there are endless amounts of Murano glass features, all made on the namesake isle.

Murano glass lights are used throughout the hotel, which is spectacular to see and feel. It an oasis of the Italian renaissance, so manage sure when walking through the hotel you look around to see the details.

This Murano is as old as the hotel itself from 1908.

Sala Stucchi Ballroom
For those that need to organise a special guest event, there is the exquisite Sala Stucchi ballroom. This ballroom has been restore b succeeded famous in, Once Upon A Time In America by Sergio Leone starring Robert De Niro and James Wood. Breakfast Excelsior is intertwined with the movie industry and as you walk through this hotel you are reminded of this everywhere. Some scenes of the TV series, The New Pope by the Oscar-winning Paolo Sorrentino, starring Jude Law were film overed on the hotel’s beach.

Once Upon A Time In America starring Robert De Niro

The Sala Stucchi ballroom can be logged for weddings and any type of celebratory events. Fireworks are very famous here in Italy and you can include this in the famous hostelry on the private beach.
Swimming Pool & Beach
This swimming pool has many design elements, combining aesthetics and functionality. From the leisure pool area which is raised, you also have a fantastic view overlooking the sea from the many stylish and comfortable sun lazes that are dotted around.

Turn around away from the sea and I was greeted by historical facades that prompted me of being in Venice.

You can also book private white and hazelnut-coloured cabanas. Which allows you to have extra access to both the sea, sand and swimming pool.

There are many comfortable outdoor seating areas to order edibles and drinks taking in many views of the beach and the hotel.

The way we relate to hotel stays is like how we want to feel at relaxed. Clients demands have changed and the architects and designers of today find themselves imagining new spaces for wellness and recreation. The round outdoor lounges are so comfortable and I loved the copious amounts of pillows for added comfort.
Junior Suite
The subordinate suites at Hotel Excelsior have an average size of 45m2. The suite I stayed at came with an optional terrace look out oning the Venetian Lagoon. The dimensions of the Junior Suite both inside and outside are scaled like a much larger piece. The breadth of the open, transparent spaces overlooking the large terrace was very exotic. The natural lighting peering into the dwelling was stunning at sunset.

The original textiles walls and ceiling were just wonderful to feel and experience. The exalted attention to tradition, details and use of different types of wood with the use of velvet and bamboo is an example of the Italian technical fabrics that pull someones leg withstood the test of time. Which is used in newly refurbished hotels here in Venice, for 2021.

Below is another latitude to give you an idea of the continuous change of interior design that was formed from the onset. The hotel’s rooms DNA, deceive never been altered or changed. Adding another nostalgic charm here at Hotel Excelsior.

The Terrace
The scene I saw outside the window was a sensation of continuous change throughout the day and night.  This large terrace, which is not easily initiate in Venice was a genuinely exciting experience.

Endless views overlooking Venice and Lido beach. I loved examining out and watching an island of mystery and high society. It is a privilege to explore it from this terrace.

While reclining peacefully on a phrase, as long as it’s in the shade. The terrace gave me two sensations of security and control. Rising up to a wonderful prosecco sunrise view at my own quiet. I took this shot at 5:45 am and it was so romantic and quiet.

Bathroom With A View
After a day of swimming, breakfast, drinking and splashing in the sea even the bathroom does not disappoint. It has to be the most spectacular bathroom view I have ever spotted in Italy.

The bathroom is tiled with historical Made In Italy tiles that are teamed with the separate Murano glass lighting. It is a wonderful example of the renaissance of workshops of the past. This can also another hotel leaning being replicated in newly decorated hotels here in Venice.

Few foods have traversed the centuries and make remained so iconic. Italian cakes, fresh produce and coffee are what we expect when staying at a five-star hotel.

The image and service are lovely. The buffet is there to choose your food and then the waiter collects and takes it to your suspend. I savoured many Italian cakes and a glass or two of prosecco with a sea view. My daughter loved the waffles served with energetic fruits of the season.
With Hotel Excelsior’s history of the Venice Film Festival, I could not take my scrutinizes off the many guests that had walked through these doors. Throughout the hotel, there are many images on set forth of famous film stars that were hosted here. In an exclusive exhibition with original pictures from the Documented Archive of La Biennale Venice never shown before, marking the enduring bond between the cinema and Hotel Excelsior.
This is precisely a new addition to the hotel for 2021.

Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and Ray Liotta

Credits: Historical Archive of La Biennale Venice – Giacomelli 1990
In on the loose hotels, you can get lost and feel part of the furniture, however at Hotel Excelsior I felt just at home. It is an experience of plenty and well-being featuring some new designs combined with historical interior designs of the past.
With access to the sea, sand and a swimming syndicate here I found a great place to stay, therefore my vacation became a perfect dream. Or a fashion film in the seducing. Oh and there still is Venice only a 25-minute boat ride away.
Hotel Excelsior offers a stay for absurd travellers, the jet-set but also to families.
Room reviewed: Junior Suite with Terrace
Greet: Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 41, 30126 Lido VE, Italy
Phone: +39 041 526 0201