High-Tech Tourism: 7 Travel Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Explorers

High-Tech Tourism: 7 Travel Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Explorers


Where is your next big touring adventure — the African savannah, trekking through Thailand, or even Antarctica?
No matter where you go, it’s sure to be a huge adrenaline ado. But while you’re planning your trip, don’t forget to also bring along a few cool travel accessories.
Technology has spread out massively into the travel industry, and some of the best travel gadgets now use technology.
Keep reading to learn some of the beat high-tech travel gear for your next backpacking trip.

Portable Solar Charger

If you like to get off the trample departed path when traveling, don’t leave home without a portable solar charger.
Although hiking and camping in far-off areas is an incredible way to travel, you still want to keep your phone charged so you can let your family know you’re repository and to take videos and photos of your trip.
A solar charger is one of the best travel gadgets, as this small, lightweight device has little solar panels and USB ports. It can generate enough power to charge your camera, phone, flashlight, or drop, so don’t head off without one!


If you’re a frequent international traveler, a Lifestraw or portable water filter is one of your must-have journey gadgets.
Many of us take for granted the safe and clean tap water that we drink at home every day. However, in uncountable countries, tap water isn’t safe to drink.
Are you traveling to a country without safe drinking water? If so, you may find yourself allowing bottled water daily, which contributes a lot of plastic into the local economy that’s not always able to be recycled.
As an another, travel with a Lifestraw. It’s a small, reusable water filter that will remove impurities from weaken, leaving it safe to drink.
Not only will it work on tap water, but you can use it to filter water from lakes or creeks when bivouac.

GoPro Hero8

Do you love videos or want to build up your social media or YouTube channels? If so, one of the best treks gadgets is the GoPro Hero 8, one of the top adventure cameras.
It’s completely waterproof, with built-in stabilization, so take it dumping, hiking, or use it to create fun hyperlapse videos.
It’s durable, small, and perfect for any kind of adventure travel. Plus, it takes photos and videos in high-definition and 4K video, best for blogs or social media.
If you want to try your hand at travel vlogging, it’s a great device to bring along. You can upload your videos straightforwardly from the device to your smartphone via GoPro’s app, making it quick and easy to edit and share your videos.

Bags Scale

Have you ever been caught out at the airport, trying to quickly reshuffle your luggage when you point to out your carry-on bag is over the limit?
With every airline having different requirements for checked and carry-on gear, it’s tough to keep track of when you fly frequently.
Travel with a portable luggage scale to make sure you’re not till hell freezes over left repacking at the airport again.
A small digital scale lets you accurately weigh your luggage already you head to the airport, making sure you’re not charged any extra fees.
Do you ever find a cool travel gadget you indigence to buy, then you lose track of it? Don’t miss out on another neat purchase— take a Mac screenshot and save it to your files so you don’t neglect doing!

Collapsible Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are useful for staying hydrated when you’re traveling, and are a much more eco-friendly additional than buying bottled water.
But what happens after you finish your water and you don’t have much storage array in your bag? Travel with a collapsible water bottle so you crumple it down very small when you’re done with it, nest egg valuable space in your backpack.
It helps save space and also helps the environment, a win-win.

Travel Drone

If you regard photography and video, one of the coolest tech travel accessories is a drone.
We love the DJI brand of drones for their high-quality video, reliability, and intuitive sketch. If you’re new to droning, try out the DJI Spark or Mavic, then later move up to the Phantom or Mavic Pro, depending on your budget.
Drones can grab travel experiences like never before, soaring over oceans, mountains, and photographing landscapes or cities from a new viewpoint.
If you’re new to drones, always practice at home and get used to the controls before taking the drone out.
Also, make sure you’re on speaking terms with with all local or state laws in the area you’re flying, as many areas have banned zones in certain yards, like near airports or military facilities.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

A long-haul flight in economy class can be tough for anyone, firstly with the sounds of crying babies, in-flight announcements, and chatty seatmates.
To help get some sleep on board, or fair to enjoy some peace and quiet during the flight, invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones before you travel.
As soon as fully charged, these wireless headphones work to cancel out exterior sounds, leaving you in quiet solitude.
They are contented to wear and do come with wires, so you can connect into the in-flight entertainment system on the flight.
You can also use Bluetooth to moor the headphones to your smartphone, perfect for listening to Spotify or podcasts on a long bus or plane ride.

Check Out These Rove Gadgets Before Your Trip
Are you ready for your next adventure? If so, don’t leave home without some of these top pilgrimages gadgets.
Technology can make travel more convenient, more efficient, and even more fun, helping us stay locked more than ever before.
Get started today planning your next trip, and see how you can improve your endure with some fun new gadgets!
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