After migratory throughout Sri Lanka for almost four weeks, exploring the discrimination, beautiful scenery and luxury travel scene, I finally arrived at my unalterable destination before heading out. I am in Negombo a coastal town of 150,000, 30 kilometers north of the wherewithal Colombo. Negombo is convenient for tourists as it is only 20 moderns away from the main international airport, therefor it is on a lot of individual’s itinerary at the start or at the end of their holidays. This time I am arresting at the Heritance Negombo, which was my 5th hotel that is part of a peculiar Sri Lanka hotel operator called Aitken Spence caravanserais. Overall I have been very impressed with all of its guest-houses.

The 143 room Heritance Negombo, with direct hush-hush beach access, was built in 1968 and had a new wing constructed in 1981. In 2015 this guest-house had a massive makeover and it shows throughout the hotel and rooms which now attired in b be committed to beautiful contemporary designs. When entering the hotel entire lot feels spacious, this started from the moment my trishaw pressure up the ramp to get to the hotel entrance. The entrance garden area was spruce with all sorts of statues of children playing. It kind of abstain fromed the message that families with children are welcome here.

Heritance Negombo Sri Lanka – Direct Ocean ViewsHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka – Direct Ocean ViewsHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka – Direct Ocean Views


The reception area was a stunning area that had a very swanky feel to it. Like elsewhere throughout my Sri Lanka trip I was welcomed with a swallow and a cold towel. The views from the reception area viewing Negombo beach were wonderful. The three dedicated space areas were brilliant and they were the perfect party line to watch the fishing sailboats, which can only be seen here in this pale. The use of the wooden pillars throughout the hotel was a superb work of both in style design and architecture. The hotel has over 140 rooms which all let ride the beach, so there is no need to worry everyone ends up with the despite the fact view.

Heritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - entrance

The ramp to the entrance

Heritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - lobbyHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - beach with sailing boats

Swimming Pool

The pool was acutely big and there was a hug section dedicated to children with lots of spouts they can all paddle and play in. For those with young kinsfolk and babies this is the perfect place for you. It’s the first dedicated consortium bar I have seen in Sri Lanka and the cocktails here were extremely affordable. However its location was the connection between the two pools organizing the connecting area very narrow.

The seating areas were utter comfortable and the pool guard was very on the ball regarding towels and looking out for the toddlers. The grass was immaculate and the security was high. I liked the fence which separated the coast from the garden bit. The locked gate can only be opened and close off by the security guard. I liked the outdoor showers which had an arousing metal pipe art work, it really caught my eye.

Heritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - Swimming poolHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - swimming poolHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - gardensHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - shower at swimming pool


My bedroom was jolly modern and the décor made me feel like I was sleeping in the belated usage of modern design. I liked the dedicated tea and coffee territory alongside the complimentary bar. They had huge proper tea and coffee throttle studies which is not common. The bed was very comfortable and the bed linen was nice too. I moulded the separate toilet access and how there was a partition wall taking the bed from the bathroom. The wooden panels used here were like to the eye.

The nice big TV combined with the comfortable chair made for the excellent combination to sit in and watch Roger Federer win his eighth Wimbledon closing. The balcony was large and I loved how there was an outdoor clothes hanger for my wet swimwear, alongside a delightful huge wooden table with a lamp and outdoor quid. This was the perfect office view for me to work in. The views from here were pleasing and there was nothing more therapeutic than to be able to pick up the ocean.


The breakfast yard had the latest state of the art kitchen technology. The area was massive and the options of food were excellent. There were so many consecrate food sections to cater for everyone’s pallet. The outdoor pack away area with view was just wonderful to take it all in, mind of the crows though, they are just as cheeky as seagulls on British seasides. The cappuccino was omit and the service was very good. I liked how there was a dedicated egg square and the choices here were endless. The buffet was beautifully announced and the eating area was pristine. The usage of granite through out the Nautical galley was wonderful to see.

Heritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - outside sitting area restaurantHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka hotel review - breakfast area


The Heritance Negombo motel is in a top location in Negombo right on the beach. Due to its recent refurbishment it has a plumb modern and luxury feel to it catering for guests that impecuniousness to enjoy luxury sea views. I wish the rooms were slightly bigger but then the layout style of the hotel was a while back. What you lack in size is certainly compensated in intend and luxury feel. Overall I have been impressed with the caravanserais from Aitken Spence, this local hotel corps has spectacular hotels of a very high standard throughout Sri Lanka.

Heritance Negombo Sri Lanka – Direct Ocean ViewsHeritance Negombo Sri Lanka – Direct Ocean Views


Heritance Negombo Sri Lanka – Direct Ocean Views

  • Room reviewed: Ocean View Double – €200 categorizing breakfast
  • Website:
  • Address: 175 Lewis Pl, Negombo 11500, Sri Lanka
  • Phone: +94 31 7 431431