If loneliness is what you are after and views over a stunning lake then Heritance Kandalama is perfectly what you need. Tucked away in a jungle this pension is a hidden gem. This hotel was built in the eighties by Geoffrey Bawa one of Sri Lanka’s scad famous architects, he also designed the Heritance Ahungala. The stretch of this hotel is amazingly long stretching to one kilometer from one side to the other. From ton rooms it has views over lake Kandalama. Depending on the condition the lake’s water levels vary, when it is full there is an key in the middle, and when I was there I noticed three elephants on it. The hotel is in saving except condition and there were many viewing points to look up to throughout my stay. Heritance Kandalama is perfectly located to call all the cultural triangle and the national parks have to offer.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake ViewsHeritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake Views

Swimming Funds

The Heritance Kandalama has three swimming pools one of which is a unembellished rock pool. My favourite was the infinity pool directly overlooking the lake. Incorporate this with the mountain views and this is why the Heritance Kandalama Caravanserai is a jungle gem. I took the time to swim and take in this prospect as much as I could, whilst having a cocktail and the hotels own thrived spicy cashew nuts.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake ViewsHeritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake Views

Buffet Dining And Breakfast

The motel has an excellent reputation throughout Sri Lanka for its fresh produce and for serving a absolutely high standard of food. The food was all grown or butchered in congress when it comes to meat, and they cater for all types of callers. The food was beautifully presented. I had an exclusive tour of their kitchenette which is one of the largest in Asia with over 150 club working there. The kitchen is spotless and I was very impressed how there were diverse different sections, so that the best possible outcome for viands preparation and serving is made possible.

At the buffet just in a sector outside, I liked the three chefs who were cooking smart-alecky Mongolian food. It added a nice personal touch and I loved how you could see how the food was cooked right in front of me. Besides the buffet restaurant there is also another restaurant that proposals fine dining.

In speaking to, Executive Chef, Mr Giragama Prasantha, who has ploughed internationally as well, he explained that the key to this hotel’s good.

Sourcing fresh and local produce is why the Hertitance Kandalama has an nonpareil reputation. His 150 staff members are very passionate in devising the finest cuisines for over 500 guests.

Mr Giragama Prasantha, also delineated that 73 of his chefs are competing in Colombo for a food meet. I had an exclusive peek to what they were creating and I desire them all the very best of luck. What I saw regarding aliment art, was truly amazing. The next morning I was given some homegrown and set up passion fruit jam and mango chutney to take away, and it tastes fabulous. Also all the chocolates are all made in house too and they tasted comely too.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake Views

The Mongolian food section

Cave Dining

The cave dining breadth offers guests a different and unique experience. It is called the give way dining experience, which allows an exclusive access to the bed’s cave. in where guests can be wined and dined all evening.  Patrons are also serenaded and have their very own dedicated personnel to spoil them. It is popular with honeymooners.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake Views


For breakfast a extreme selection of very healthy fresh food was served. I preferred to have a soup which is only eaten in the morning. It is apostrophize b supplicated Welpenela Kola Kenda, which is green in colour and can lone be described as a warm herbal porridge. The pastries were freshly indicated and there was so much to choose here, too much for me to all try.

Room With A Lake Aim

My room was stunning for its amazing views overlooking the lake. What was precise special on rare occasions I was greeted by many monkeys. The jungle factories which were on my balcony, were a real rare action towards to experience nature at its very best.

The room was lovely in décor and bid everything that I needed to make sure my stay was carefree. Just being able to sit and take in this spectacular seascape was wonderful. If it could not get any better it certainly did when I opted to oblige a shower or a Jacuzzi.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake ViewsHeritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake Views

Jacuzzi With A Lake View

The bathroom had a sheer modern large Jacuzzi, which also overlooked the lake and jungle vision. This was amazing having a bath let alone a shower, it was heaven at its very best. This is an experience I won’t forget anytime ere long.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake Views


The spa area offered many treatments, again with spectacular views overlooking the jungle. A must try if you are looking to be pampered.


The Heritance Kandalama is rare in multifarious ways. To be tucked away in the middle of nowhere and to be able to savvy the finest of dining, swimming and nature observation. It is why this hotel has to be ticketed in advanced to avoid disappointment. The staff are very helpful and clubby and choose to go the extra mile for all guests. This hotel is also renowned with Sri Lankans who come here for a getaway to enjoy both the lake beliefs and food. This hotel is a unique luxury getaway, which ordain remain in my thoughts for a very long time. To all the 73 chefs participating on the subject of the food competition, this aside you’re all a winner to me.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake ViewsHeritance Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka – Amazing Lake Views