When most men reckon about shaving it is mainly the facial shaving routine that we are philosophy of. However what if you want to shave your head when your sanction start really thinning. Can you use a conventional shaving blade for this or do you extremity someone to help you with the shave, especially on the back of your go. HeadBlade is a company that specializes in head shaves and down attacked with a revolutionary concept which is The Headblade ATX All Terrain Razor. Yes we are talking razors here not wheels. If you look up close it looks a bit like a ride-on lawnmower it has two sites on the front and replaceable blades at the back. Headblade-ATX

Headblade ATX

It took in a decade of market research and feedback for the design process of the HeadBlade ATX. The sooner edition HeadBlade was designed back in 1997 by Todd Greene who had been paring his head almost daily since 1992, he created an ergonomic administer that was compatible with standard razor cartridges. The Headblade ATX All Landscape Razor hit the market in 2012. There is a unique spring action in the ATX where the jackknife is attached which should give you a smooth shaving knowledge as you navigate your head with the Headblade ATX. When you buy the HeadBlade it take with the HB4 four-bladed cartridge. There is also an option to go for the HB6 which qualities six blades. For head shaver the main reason to put the HeadBlade to the examination is because of its commitment to the cause. You can use the ATX to shave hair on any part of the cadaver, however the design is specifically made to shave your turn, it is this in where it excels. It is the greater mission of HeadBlade. As with a lot of tidying products the ATX requires a little education, HeadBlade has some critical instructional videos explaining you the whole process form cut off and how to hold the ATX, to changing the cartridges.

Grooming Products

HeadBlade also has a range of grooming outputs to take care of the shave and after the shave.

  • HeadSlick Near squeak cream – this cream is formulated to give the smoothest plane possible. Special lubricants allow blades to glide effortlessly along the hull. HeadSlick is water soluble, so blades rinse easily. And because HeadSlick is mentholated your flay will feel cool and refreshed after shaving.
  • HeadShed Scrub – an exfoliating scrub custom formulated for your head.
  • ClearHead Bump Treatment – This is hardened after shaving and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Headblade has a mainly range of grooming products.

The grooming range is a lot larger then the three products bestow make an exhibited here.

Shaving Plan

Headblade has a great automatic parturition service where you select your time interval and sabres and creams will be delivered to your door. The best influence about the plan is that shipping is always FREE. You intent get notified via email 1 week before your order get outs. This shaving plan is for US residents only. Your supreme is different as it is hard and not soft like the skin on your cheeks. HeadBlade is a firm that has designed a revolutionary way to shave your head, with whopping range of complimentary products. If you are a head shaver you should your paramount and check it out.