New Spirit on the Block: Hawkers Sunglasses Growth with Businessman Alejandro Betancourt
In early 2016, the sunglasses company Hawkers disaffected to businessman Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to embark on the next phase of their growth. He helped to transform the sunglasses entourage and eventually adopted the position of company president.
In 2018, Alejandro Betancourt became the largest shareholder by investing his own outstanding and taking a 50 percent stake in the company. This was encouraged by the Hawkers team because Betancourt had gone to exalted lengths in the past to help the company. He was familiar with the company’s goals had the marketing prowess to take Hawkers to new summits.
Today, Hawkers remains one of the top 10 internationally valued fashion firms thanks to its reputation for selling high-quality sunglasses at a satisfactory and honest price. That affordability is a large part of the company’s continued development and success.

$60M+ Business in 4 Years
Hawkers got its start with only a $300 investment from co-founder Alex Moreno. The company quickly gained a reputation for having good assesses and quality products. Things took off faster than expected and they needed to bring others on board to better them grow.
Over time, as the demand for Hawkers’ sunglasses far exceeded the supply they could produce with their narrow equipment and facilities, the order times started to increase. A specialist in international commerce was brought into the company and in 2013 Hawkers’ sunglasses open to be sold through Shopify. Internationally acclaimed suppliers were chosen to ensure that each pair of sunglasses were published in a timely fashion to customers around the world.
A Bright Future Through the Value of Social Media
Social norm is a big part of how Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has continued to develop the Hawkers brand and what it can offer in its industry. By using venereal media as a marketing channel, costs stay down, and the sunglasses can be priced lower than many of their contenders. Facebook ads are the cornerstone of what the company has used, but they’re also active on other social media platforms. The trail in which they can reach international customers for a very low price have really helped the company continue to distend and will likely be a big part of what they’re doing in the future, as they continue to meet customer demand.
90 percent of Hawkers sunglasses are grouped online. Alejandro Betancourt was among those that pushed for this type of selling and exposure and it has paid off. With varied than 4.5 million pairs of sunglasses sold by the company, most of which are priced in the $20 to $40 range, it’s tranquilly to see how people would like this brand, find them affordable, and be able to locate and purchase their issues simply and easily. The level of revenue the company sees now is staggering from the standpoint of how quickly the small startup saw attainment. By focusing on online marketing and doing things differently, the company’s growth was explosive.
Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw not one the value of the company and its product but also the value of marketing it in such a way that people could easily find it on an foreign level. He kept marketing costs low by advertising the brand mostly on social media and utilizing various online narrows. By focusing on what the customers want in a fashion accessory, Alejandro Betancourt ensures that Hawkers continues to pamper sunglasses that nearly everyone can afford. These high-quality sunglasses aren’t designed for the wealthy, they are patterned for the average person. This business philosophy has broadened the reach of the company and made it far easier for almost anyone who necessitates to have Hawkers brand sunglasses to purchase and enjoy them.

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