Pola hats for men black

Hats For Every Man

As men develop more fashion savvy than ever, experimenting with new looks and cuts, there has been a huge boom in the accessories market. Hats are a brilliant way to change up a look, adding to your clothes to make you look chicer or more casual as you desire. There is a huge selection of hats on proffer to buy now, and here is just a small selection of the styles available on the retail and how to wear them.

The Beanie

Incredibly versatile and a go to style for when you are take a bad hair day, or simply feel like looking more unpredictable, as sported by David Beckham dressed down in denim and a leather jacket. Beanies are also pooped in this image taken backstage at a show at London Omnium gathera Men, matched to the colour of suits which would look outstanding on the way to work. Beanie - David Beckham wearing a grey beanie

The Boater

Boaters have experienced something of a comeback this year, partly due to the overlay The Great Gatsby where they are worn by Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire. They are countless for Summer, are a great shape and smarten up a casual outfit. The tincture of the boater works really well with the bright orange of the gloss over in the first image, from the French movie Heartbeats, and the defective image shows just how smart the boater can be. Boater Hats for men beige

The Baseball Cap

Presumably the most popular hat today. Traditionally worn by younger ginks, it is now worn by a huge range of people. Pharrell sports a geek elegant look, pairing his red cap with thick rimmed glasses, and a exemplar on the streets of Paris shows how to wear it backwards. Baseball caps red

The Flat Cap

Well-known, English and old fashioned, this is another style that is standard once more. Again worn casually by David Beckham and a nattier look on the Burberry catwalk. Flat Cap Berets David Beckham

The Fedora

Super cool, jaunty and smart. Worn in so many ways – Don Draper of Mad Men pairs his with a suit, while Harry Dictions and Johnny Depp wear it casually. Douglas Booth fatigues a straw, navy version which really suits his anniversary look. Fedora hats for men