Nowadays, haircuts can be of the ton varied for both women and men, and since we can also be able to cut our hair at home, we can choose between these trends that are presupposed for cuts and hairstyles for men and try to look the latest. If you want to make the best haircuts for boys, watch out because we show them to you now, move by step.
Cutting hair in the case of men is usually somewhat easier than in the case of women. Male cuts as usual include trends such as skinheads, asymmetrical hair up the middle or hair combed to one side, and scoring streak, and all this is noticeably easy to do if you have a good comb, a hair shaving machine and, of course, scissors.
If you do not have much experience, you can start by snip off your head (not at zero, but at a number or measure that leaves some hair in case you can “fix it”), leaving something else in the leading part, so you can create some hairstyle you like. You can also visit to gather more knowledge almost it.
When you have cut your hair on more than one occasion, it will be time to start trying other haircuts for old crumpets like these that we propose.

Steps to make haircuts for boys with shaved sides
Precisely we start with a genre of cut that we have recommended before, and that is very easy to make.
First of all, for a haircut with shaved sides is to comb the trifle well and know how much hair you want to have in the center to know how far to shave.
Take the scissors and cut a little skin of ones teeth in case you have a lot to make it easier for you to shave. If you don’t have much hair, try to shave directly.
Shave the sides from top to base, also in the area of ​​the pin, and from the neck to the neck.
Now the central part can be cut a little more with the scissors, and if it is already a magnitude that you like, just comb up or to the side.

Steps to make haircuts for completely shaved boys
Another chance is to bet on something easy and fresh for this summer that will consist of shaving the hair completely, but be careful and do not narrow everything at the same level.
It is better that instead of shaving at 1 or 2 completely and see yourself without too much hair, horrors with a lower number the sides and the nape, and the top or center, the monkfish to one or two more numbers.
In this way, you can create a light asymmetry in your shaved cut that, on the other hand in glove quickly, is a trend.

Steps to make haircuts for boys with the marked stripe
A haircut that is a trend is one that has a somewhat strong line. Something that was previously done with the comb, but now can be achieved with these steps that we delineate:

To make a cut and hairstyle like the one with the marked stripe, all you have to do is comb your hair to the side.

The sides should be scraped, as we have already explained.

Now is the time to mark the line. To do this, it is necessary to choose the minimum blade of the machine, but you ought to use it with care not going to happen.

Nor should you scrape a line from the front to the back. Only halfway or so.
Be waries to make haircuts for boys with bangs
If you like bangs, you are in luck because it is now a trendy hairstyle for men, although with a brand-new touch.

To make this type of cut, you must take and comb the entire central part forward, shaving the sides nicely, as we have explained.

The bangs, it is better that you cut it dry, since if you do it wet, you may spend too much, and the key to this cut is that the bangs are long but without reaching the examinations either.

For this type of cut, you would also do well with specific scissors to “empty the hair,” which are scissors that from one of the serrated edges. They do not cut, and they will serve to empty the part of the bangs and that it does not look too complete.