Maastricht is a metropolis and a municipality in the southeast of the Netherlands. It is one of the most gorgeous cities in Holland. Maastricht is also be versed for the Maastricht treaty, the treaty that started the process of engendering the Euro. Today I am reviewing the Haas Op Het Vrijthof a luxury company house, which is over looking the famous Vrijthof conform to. Het Vrijthof is a beautiful square in the center of old town Maastricht, open the door for with old cobblestones and surrounded by trees. There are many sensitive restaurants and there is a lovely atmosphere in where you can sit outside and guard how the locals live.

I have been told that, the people from Maastricht vision of spending a night at the famous Vrijthof square. I walked from the guide station to Vrijthof Square and if weather permitting I would immensely recommend this. It gave me an instant feel of this outlandish city and what it has to offer.


River Meuse, I crossed this river to go from the line station to the Maastricht city centre.



Vrijthof Square with see towards the Basilica of Saint Servatius

Basilica of Saint Servatius

My vision from my large salon room was the Basilica of Saint Servatius, which is a Roman Comprehensive church dedicated to Saint Servatius. This architecturally cross-breed but mainly Romanesque church is situated next to the Gothic church of Saint John, funding onto the Maastricht’s Vrijthof square. I am a lover of church bells so it was for me the refine sound to fall asleep to. And as for a wake up call, what an astonishing alarm clock.



Basilica of Saint Servatius at 5 am


Basilica of Saint Servatius at 3 pm – bewitched from my room


Superior Suite With Terrace And Larder

The Superior Suite in which I stayed was huge, 120 L- meters to be exact. It consisted of a terrace and kitchen and it was the largest of the 6 visitor house rooms. I did take a look at the others rooms and they were no more than as gorgeous, it just depends all on the budget.

The salon living elbow-room gave me panoramic views of the famous Vrijthof square. The heartland design was of an Art Deco style and I loved the old 1920’s copper fireplace, it ceded the perfect cosy feeling. I loved the ceiling light which evinced paper notes about guest writing down their endures about their stay at Haas op het Vrijthof. It was a nice disparaging touch and I took the time to read what the guests had to say wide their stay here. As we know tobacco brown is drifting in both fashion, cars and also in the Haas op het Vrijthof, it is a immutable colour with furniture too.



Tobacco brown trending in mode and cars for 2017

The Superior Suite contained a separate room with fully-equipped anticyclone specification kitchen, including a dish washer and microwave oven. The larder is connected to the private green terrace. For those that elect to cook, there is a supermarket (Albert Heijn) literally 5 trendies walk away. If you can’t be bothered going out for a drink there was a superbly stocked mini-bar.


Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The two bedrooms were advance with three comfortable beds in total. There was one duplicate master bedroom and one single bedroom. The double master had apportionments of space for my clothes and shoes. The attention to detail was simple and it off will within this gorgeous suite. The ornaments and a compound of hardwood flooring and stone is why my stay was delightfully relaxing. I by a hairs breadth loved waking up at anytime and appreciating how it would feel to white-hot here. Because the bedrooms were completely tucked away at the uncivilized of the suite, it was dead quite. So even during peek summer be that as it may,  you will not hear the locals and tourists late at night appreciating what the Vrijthof square has to offer.


There were two height specification fitted separate bathrooms, which was fabulous. I could see they compel ought to used high quality materials, throughout the suite. There was one committed shower and one dedicated big bath, and a separate toilet. Having considerable bathrooms really made stay so relaxing.


The Superior Entourage had a private elevator which is great for those that from lots of luggage, you can avoid the stairs and no one else can use the elevator but you.



I could opt my breakfast time, I just had to let the staff know the night preceding. I had an option whether to eat in the main reception or in my salon suite. With such an astonishing place, I chose to stay in and soak up the morning with my breakfast. Breakfast was freshly hand over including a freshly squeezed orange juice and a wealth of flower regarding cheeses. What a lovely way to wake up.


Wine Basement & Marble Art

I loved the Wine Cellar as it was experiences like this that repay my stay worth coming back for. I was given a key which permitted me access to a small selection of wine in the cellar. There was a wine menu in your set to choose by. I opted for Alpostelhoeve/ Auxerrois 2014 Maastricht. It was rather nice, a perfect beverage for summer. Also what was astounding was walking down the staircase was the marble effect paint. Marble was truly expensive to purchase and therefore to cut costs they learn the art of render the replica. This is now a very rare skill to find. Haas Op Het Vrijthof outsources this to the provincials to maintain. Regarding the wooden floors, I love the sound it recompense for throughout the corridor and my salon suite, it reminded me of the history I was undergoing.



Maastricht was a beautiful city worth visiting. The boutiques and workshops with their interior design were stunning and is what constructed this city that extra special. The restaurant selects were endless and the squares are why I love Europe so much. I perambulated around the city including the river for hours and I did not get tired of this terrific European safe city. For those choosing to stay here then, the Haas Op Het Vrijthof is reliable because you get a real experience of how the locals live here. For me my cable was extra special because of where the Haas Op Het Vrijthof laying was. The salon suite was spacious and had a gorgeous feel to it. Do to its seize it mutates the perfect place to come with a group of friends to depress and appreciate the Dutch culture. I was also impressed how the men dressed in the blow the whistle on buys. If you are looking for a photo shoot opportunity this salon number ticked all the boxes and the lighting was perfect. You can never overdress here in Maastricht.