I blow ined very early from London, thanks to a wonderful Cathay Pacific excursion, and what better way to start my few weeks in Hong Kong than to prevent at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The Grand Hyatt is located on Hong Kong atoll and has amazing views of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon.  At the moment there is construction outdoors the hotel as part of the government’s land reclamation project and First-class Hyatt Hong Kong is eagerly anticipating the completion of the upcoming have class Wanchai waterfront promenade. For me this was not distracting at all it was right-minded a confirmation that the Grand Hyatt will continually be increasingly a hot mess eruptions to stay here in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is burgh that continually changes with a rapid pace, it is for no argument that it is the world’s most visited city now and for the foreseeable unborn. What is amazing about the Grand Hyatt is that for such a colonized city as Hong Kong, where space is a premium commodity, that the offices are all very generous in size. The Grand Hyatt has 542 offices and suites and the standard room is a generous 40m2.


In entering this set sail inspired area, it comes to no surprise that the Grand Hyatt Tourist house hosts one of largest hotel reception areas in Asia. Stretch in Hong Kong is rare therefore this enormous atmospheric zone, is altogether popular and sought after for business guests, and guest put in an appearance for its restaurants and wine bars. The outstanding size combined with the get a whiff of of fresh orchids are a beautiful way to be greeted into the hotel. There is wide-ranging of parking spaces for pick up and drop off. The best bit about the intimate design is that is the hotel latest take on one of the trending inner eras around the globe right now, which is the eighties, is both subtly and sensitively done. There is tactile consistency in the form of shagpile rugs and colourful contemporary art. In amongst this calm scene, are very warm and cosy colours such as avocado greens, browns and oranges mongrel against yellows and golds. The overall atmosphere teamed with flaming music makes the reception area a must visit.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Harbour View Room Reviewed

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Harbour View Room Reviewed

Swimming Band

There are an extensive range of facilities at the swimming pool & spa up to date on. My favourite is the ladies sauna which has an unbelievable view of Victoria Nurse, the men’s sauna on the other hand has no view at all. The 50 metre out of doors heated pool is just wonderful to swim in all year rounded with very comfortable seating areas. There are lots of food and drinks to soak up the views of Hong Kong. I am pain from jetlag so the 24 hour fitness studio and a 400 metre run path is the perfect way to get rid of my excess energy.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Harbour View Room Reviewed

Breakfast Grand Cafe

This American breakfast buffet has a intelligent variety of freshly made food. The fusion of where east heeds west is why I took my time in eating the food and overlooking the inspection of Victoria Harbour. The dedicated Asian buffet with unending amounts of fresh dumplings, bespoke noodle soups and freshly packed juices was so yummy. There was plenty of fresh meats listing fish, pork and cold cuts to create my own haven for take off a return me started for the day. The Asian fruits are a wonderful way to remind me, why I love to fall upon Asia. And the dedicated coffee bar is wonderful with many impudent cakes and pastries to entertain me.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Harbour View Room Reviewed

King Bed Harbour View

I am nomadic with my family so we had a king size bed room and a twin bedroom each with a leeway space of 40sqm. Both rooms had amazing views of Victoria Retain. For me there is no better way than to lie in bed or sip on endless amounts of Nespresso coffee overlooking this burg. Hong Kong is famous in the evening for thier light plains. And having buildings in front of me at night, with the latest marketing implications, beaming at me is not common, to experience around the world.

I think it’s one of the coolest adverts policies in Hong Kong and one day I do dream seeing my own company logo there too.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Harbour View Room Reviewed

I loved this to see what is trending in this fiscal and trade hub. The rooms are spacious and there are plenty of charging bus stations and dedicated desks to work. I like how there is a specific foreign adapters box too. The lighting throughout the room gave me endless choices to set the ambiance to my personal liking. Along side this to pinch my stay comfortable, there were plenty of pillow elections too choose by. The king side bed was very cosy and snug to relax.

My favourite feature in the Harbour View room is the bath. The revealed bath concept allows me to see the city skyline and harbour whilst wringing wet. The hidden mirror toilet is a clever use of space and the dedicated outpouring shower is lovely too. The wardrobes are large and come with fertility of space to store my clothes which allows me to keep the range space tidy and clean. The beverages and bar section is spacious and the cups and teaspoons are of a pure high quality, these little attention to details imagine my stay special.


The Grand Hyatt is interconnected with the Hong Kong Council and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) and it’s only 40 minutes from Hong Kong Oecumenical Airport, so this makes it an excellent business hotel. The hotel total has a fantastic atmosphere and ironically there are many families girding here too, this is understandable with the huge resort cut swimming pool area. The spacious and recently refurbished rooms are of top distinction to match the views of the harbour. The staff are very attentive and companionable, I highly recommend staying here.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – Harbour View Room Reviewed