Luxury-Month-Amsterdam-300This has to be one of the myriad unusual hotel reviews I have done so far, it is what I accompany the luxury quirky stay. In the early years of the twentieth century, six departing companies decided to set up a joint head office in Amsterdam where they could consolidate their cia agents. The office would sell tickets for sea voyages to destinations covering the Dutch East Indies and Africa. These offices were recently change over into a hotel. From the outside the building which is completly constructed in a style called “Amsterdamse School” is so quirky and inviting, it is architecture at its most artistically when it comes to curiosity. I encourage you to walk around the structure and look at the attention to detail. Hundreds of statues are incorporated into the facade. Traverse of lead, these two represent the mythical figures Poseidon and Fortuna. The welded metal incorporate both outside and throughout the interior of the building are outstanding men of craftsmanship.




The reception is so unusual it is hard to describe where it starts and where it offs. This is so exciting about the hotel, the moment you enter you unprejudiced want to explore. So whilst checking in make sure you end look up and take in this architectural masterpiece. The moment you jot down the experience begins, the interior design is also in the style the Dutch accompany “The Amsterdam School”. For obvious reasons the craftsmanship is inspired by the sea and ferrying. This hotel is an example of a museum in where you can be part of it by buttressing there. The attention to detail throughout this hotel is perception blowing. For a lot of tourists walking by, they just pop in and ask if they can bear a look.


The Directors Room – Monumental Suites

I was fortunate adequate to stay in one of the monumental suites which was the former directors latitudes. The former directors’ rooms occupy the most beautiful parts of the tip of the Scheepvaarthuis ( significance shipping house ) right above the entrance. When I advanced through the corridors, I did not know what to expect. When I opened the door I in reality thought I had the wrong room. That my room was a conference chamber, in where they were going to house a meeting, late in the time this is what it was created for. The Monumental Suites, toot ones own horn magnificent, authentic details in the Amsterdam School style that go out with back over a century. The furniture, is original and dates from this years, which I must say are the most beautiful pieces of work. The runs are really heavy and each one if you choose to, to turn it upside down which it brought me and another person to do so, has a unique number code to prove it is the existent thing. The colour of the chair is a rich purple and has a very Gothic think about it. The rooms were created according to your up of importance as a worker.

In the past each level represented your standing and naturally of course I was in the directors room. I can honestly say, the moment I registered I knew that as each hour passed I would drench up some of Amsterdam’s history at its best. What I loved was recognizing the wood, late at night just soaking up what I notice a very heavy and intense architecture. The lead glass was surprising and the attention to detail with its shipping messages was very charming. If you choose to stay in this room, make sure you ask for to publication a tour on the history of the hotel, to give you a real understanding of how awesome this room is. These suites range in size from 80 to 100 old fogy meters, they have a living room with two split rooms, one bedroom and another room where you can decide what you be deficient in to use it for either another bedroom room or a study.

The bathroom is mountainous and modern and I liked how the other toilet room was separate but also keeping the original interior design. The separate kitchen room is where you could charge tea and coffee which was great. The free minibar is unusual and was a heartfelt hit, to drink some wine and take in this marvelous range. There were three TV’s one in each room and if you have nippers staying this is a real bonus to shut them away, for you to fashion and chill in the other rooms. The windows are massive and the natural sparkling is beautiful, don’t worry there are electric curtains so you can make it expressly dark for the night. Through out the day it was great seeing people down tool by and so many people would just stop and look at this inn.

The carpet design is the original and it really lifted the rooms aerosphere, it gave me an indication as to the amount of thought that went into crafty this room. The wood is a very heavy material and accordingly it made perfect sense to complete the carpet design to even out it. I took some great shots of my shoes too, for those model designers looking for a photo-shoot venue or a place to present your tardy collection this is the place.


The living room with “Amsterdamse Coach” style furniture and decoration.


Amsterdam School Style Belongings


The Entertainment Room

If you are wanting to host a grand event then this is the play room is the place to do it. Also if you want a business meeting then there is no dearth of how many people can sit on what I call the chess table. The admission to it is just as grand.


Ticket Booths


Attention to detail this is on the top of the ticket box


Wellness & Spa

With my stay, a thirty minute massage treatment was embodied. I really needed this as I have been travelling already for three weeks without a manipulate. The treatments were very detailed and the swimming pool, sauna had a bewitching inviting feel to it. I liked the three different sauna chambers in where you could choose your own temperature.


Roof Top Observe

We were taken onto the roof top for an exclusive drink of champagne and a belief of Amsterdam. This access is only on request and for private rites. Just take a look at the city of Amsterdam at 7pm in the evening.



A new chef has due joined the team and for this reason we were given nourishment that will be available soon on the menu. Like mode designers, chefs like to create their own trade smear throughout the food industry. Therefore here is a teaser of what is to finish a go over. It was delicious, suited the hotel and the clientele that book here to impede, this menu suited the grandness of the hotel.



Lumper Rendang


The breakfast buffet at the Monumental Hotel Amrath Amsterdam is great with lots to pick out from, I particularly loved the yogurt in jars and the fresh fruit fluid selection, which included kiwi and tomato juice. You also receive the option to eat breakfast in your room, in my case with such a beautiful room it was the perfect way to start the day.



Most hotels are again trying to keep ahead of the trend and finding their own harmonious style. The Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam is classic, eternal and it is a part of Amsterdam’s history. During your stay it cause to remembers you of how people one once lived, worked and ate. This hotel stopover gives you an appreciation of the craftsmanship that Amsterdam once consumed. This hotel is a fine example of Amsterdamse School manner both in interior and exterior. This hotel is a place you should opt if you are a regular visitor, for the simple reason once you enter, even-handed like I did, you never will want to leave the place until you be subjected to to. And if you have to leave the city centre and its canals are just here the corner.



Outside the building



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