Bangkok is one of most the vibrant megalopolises in the world when it comes to trend setting fashion. In my ten years of smite Bangkok I am always intrigued and blown away regarding new and innovative style items. One of my favourite markets to explore here in Bangkok is the Chatuchak buy. This is the world’s largest weekend market and between its 8,000 foot-draggings there are so many options in regards to buying lifestyle and mode items.

Funky Bunny Bangkok – Bespoke Zip T-Shirts & Long Sleeves

Funky Bunny

There is a section that victuals for fashion and whilst exploring I came across a shop phoned Funky Bunny, what caught my eye was the zip inspired, t-shirt and elongated sleeve shirt design. I am a lover of chunky zips and zips in global. As I explored the shop more and more I fell in love with the concept. I tease never come across such designs as with Funky Bunny. The shirts they blow the whistle on are unisex which mean they can be worn by anyone. It is the fulfil travel item as it is very versatile and looks great on any effect.

Each zip design takes roughly two hours to sew on and over all the closing is very funky. I own several items now and every time my mate or I choose to wear it, we get many comments.

In speaking both to the plotter and the owner they have now many bulk orders from Dubai and Europe. As I chit-chated, many people were buying the items as they ruminating the whole concept was very different.

Funky Bunny Bangkok – Bespoke Zip T-Shirts & Long Sleeves

Create Your Own Arrangement

At the moment there is a bulk order only option and if there is a structure that I would like to create as my very own I have to serenity in bulk. So you can discuss with the owner your options. I by a hairs breadth noticed a bulk order of over one thousand T-shirts were been scrammed to Dubai and the design was very culturally cool.

Today I resolute to opt for four items that are hugely popular. The skeleton is their rout seller and it’s a real edgy t-shirt that looks unbelievable with denim, chinos, shorts and leather.

The 2018 new over is the Eagle which I can relate too. For the simple reason, as growing this identify I have had to soar alone and create my own niche as a female in a man’s domain.

The reindeer I chose to get as it’s Christmas and as far as a funky item to wear during the festive salt, this is one of the coolest reindeer t shirt out there. I can team this with nearly anything.

Finally the long sleeve white shirt with a wolf object is a reflection of how I feel in winter. Fast, powerful and beautiful. 2017 has been one of the uncountable adventurous years for me.

Funky Bunny Bangkok – Bespoke Zip T-Shirts & Long Sleeves