The Fullerton B B Singapore can not be missed as it is smack bang in the city centre close-fisted the mouth of the Singapore river and it is housed in the iconic monumental erstwhile general post office. This building is integral to Singapore’s representation as a nation. At the jubilation of Singapore’s Centenary in 1919 a plan for this all-inclusive building was conceived. It was finished in 1928 and then named after Robert Fullerton, the word go Governor of the Straits Settlements.

The building would hold not only the Popular Post Office, but also the Exchange, and offices for the Governor of Singapore and the Important Commissioner for the Federation of Malay States as well as other control offices. During the 2nd world war the Japanese used the building as the headquarters for their military dispensation. After the war the Fullerton became an icon in Singapore with the instant development of the city. Especially now with the back drop of the skyscrapers behind it. The upright office vacated in 1996 and by the 1st of January 2001 the building behooved home to the luxurious grande dame 400-room The Fullerton Caravanserai. This hotel is extraordinary for its historic architecture and for the scale and property of its 21st century restoration. The six star hotel now blends luxurious viable with a touch of elegance and the nostalgia of old.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic StayFullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay


When I arrived at the Fullerton tourist house Singapore the grand open space of its huge atrium despatch strikes. Wherever I walked history of this grand old construction was displayed via old photos and bits of history explained. The photos not sole included the building and its uses in the past but also the important individual that stayed here or worked here, that put up part of Singapore’s young history. The Fullerton hotel is embedded in Singapore’s relation and that is the top reason to stay here.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

The ground floor ill fames The Town Restaurant, The Post Bar, Jade the Cantonese restaurant and the Courtyard be sufficient Indian & Japanese buffets as well as afternoon teas. At the Courtyard is were I exceptionally appreciate the grandness of this building as it completely covered making it a elephantine atrium. I felt like I was sitting outside in the cool, whilst the recess of Singapore was suffering from the sweltering heat.

Fullerton hotel Singapore the post bar review

The Post Bar

This is what the Fullerton lodging looks like from the outside area of the Post Bar.

fullerton hotel singapore review jade restaurant

Trull restaurant

My check-in was flawless and swift, the staff were hellishly professional, approachable and likeable without any stiffness, the perfect mix.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Grand staircases in the middle of the courtyard

Fullerton Bay

Next to the Fullerton is the six nova Fullerton Bay hotel, this is the hotel for ultimate luxury in Singapore. Both hotels are buckled via an underground tunnel and form part of a complex that in out-and-out include seven properties. What I liked is that lodgers at the Fullerton can use the swimming pool at Fullerton Bay and this is a nice infinity rooftop jackpot including a great pool bar.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Guest at the Fullerton can also use the purse at Fullerton Bay. It comes with amazing views and The Latern consolidate bar.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Clifford Pier

One of the properties that connects with the Fullerton Bay is Clifford Support. This historic landmark was built in 1933 as the landing jetty for ships. It acclimatized to be known as the Red Lantern Pier due to the many red oil lanterns that hardened to hang from the pier to guide vessels to shore. The Clifford Jetty now houses a fine dining restaurant and bar. As it is a historic listed structure it is also open for anyone to enjoy this now great looking fine hall. This is something I recommend to anyone visiting Singapore.

Lunch – The Community Restaurant

I arrived around lunch time after flip ones lid in overnight from Sri Lanka. I did not have any food on my flights so I appeared quiet peckish and decided to have lunch at the Town restaurant which does a skilled buffet. What I noticed straight away was how busy it was with neighbourhoods having their business lunch here. From 11:30 to 14:30 the intercontinental buffet brunch is served which is a mix of Asian and western cuisines. As I was in Singapore I unambiguous to go for Nyonya Laksa noodles. The Nyonya cuisine comes from the Peranakans, offshoots of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca and Singapore.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Boxes Club Quay Room

I stayed at the Straits Club Quay live which had the added benefits of using the exclusive Straits Team up. This 36 m2 room had a decor of shades of browns and beiges with the tinge scheme matching the rest of interior and exterior of the hotel. Its proposal is fitting with the historical grandeur of the building. The bed was comfortable and the live had a nice desk area to work from. There was unattached Nespresso coffee and tea making facilities as well as a mini bar. The eulogistic WiFi was fast with speeds over 24 Mbps. The clever Fullerton bear was also on display, with many varieties of this eminent bear for sale in the Fullerton store. I loved the Harman Kardon bluetooth lecturer as well as the free mobile phone on offer with a direct of Singapore, free internet and free local calls.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

The at liberty mobile to use during the hotel stay


The bathroom was prodigious and was covered with a lot of classy marble and granite. I liked the factually that there was a large bath and a separate shower. There was wealth of mirror space at the sink and the blow-dryer was easily accessible. The bathroom amenities were from Bottega Veneta.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Straits Baton

The Straits Club is exclusive to Strait Club rooms and tenders a great meeting, working and socialising area all in the setting of Peranakan décor acting Straits Chinese artifacts. Guests of The Straits Club possess have a good time privileges that include round-the-clock personalised service, in-room registration, a commendatory daily Champagne breakfast, afternoon tea, evening canapés and cocktails.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Abundance of Champagne available

The Fullerton Spa

Having not slept during my abscond coming to Singapore I felt tense, stressed and tired. So I undisputed to book in the 90-minute Asian Heritage Signature, an intensive manipulate based on the concept of life energy which flows toe “meridians” in the body. The treatment started with a short consultation in which I expected to add some more additional focus on my back, shoulders and neck. I opted for a anchored massage and in this case that did mean firm. The treatment was a conspiracy of:

  • Applying physical pressure to pressure points relieving funded tension and stimulating body circulation and promoting healthy drive flow along the body’s meridians.
  • Deep tissue manipulation with oils that rejuvenate the skin uplifting spirit and giving a deep sense of relaxation.

At the end of the 90 minutes rub down I could hear myself snoring, it was the treatment that I necessary.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Swimming Pool

After the Spa it was time to chill out at the swimming team up with area. From this 25 meter pool I extremely enjoyed the views towards the historic bridges that go on the Singapore river. The pool is set right beside the grand upholders of the building.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

The Lighthouse Bar

One thing I can recommend anyone staying at the Fullerton is be placing a trip to the Lighthouse Bar. Yes there used to be a lighthouse on the Fullerton edifice in the past, now this area is a rooftop bar which is located greater than the 8th floor. From here I enjoyed amazing views all over Singapore and the Marina Bay area. In my opinion the views are even well-advised at night.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay


For breakfast I had two options, enjoy this in the Straits Baste with a glass of champagne or enjoy a greater variety at the Borough restaurant. I opted for the latter. As is usual with most bordering on all Asian hotels the breakfast options were enormous. From Japanese, to Chinese, to peculiar and Western options everything was available. The biggest trouble I had was curbing myself with so many options.


The Fullerton bed Singapore will get a 10 out of 10 for me. It is a combination of a staying and adventuring a grand historical iconic building in Singapore. Everything from restaurants, to leeway, to Straits Club was just perfect. It is also in the attention to feature, the person coming to prepare your room knows you by moniker, when you dial reception you are greeted with your hero, and to finish it of I had the smoothest checkout to getting in my taxi experience even. 100% recommended.