What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

Is Drake set for a cameo in The Handmaid’s Tall tale?
Photograph: Getty Images

From Wycombe Wanderers to Drake: this week’s the latest thing trends

What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

Succeeding up

Drake Margaret Atwood said she’d like her fellow Canadian to cameo in the defective series of The Handmaid’s Tale. Blessed be the memes.

Laura Wingfield The female lead of Tennessee Williams’ Glass Menagerie is the muse of Blue Roses, Edward Meadham’s new earmark. Check out the cut-away ankle boots.

Hannah Wilke Faceted in the White Cube’s surrealism by women show, Dreamers Revive, and namechecked in Chris Kraus’ I Love Dick. You’ll never look at chewing gum the selfsame way.

A winning kit? Photograph: Wycombe Wanderers Football Club/PA

Wycombe Wanderers Set to slay the new pep up with a goalie’s kit that resembles a magic eye picture. It’s one way to put the strikers off.

Marni Senofonte The stylist behind Kendall Jenner’s new look has a indeed outstanding Instagram game.

Going down

Death knell of a swing? Photograph: Getty Images

Paint wars First Anish Kapoor assumed exclusive rights to the world’s blackest black. Now artist Stuart Semple has imagined colour-changing paints, available to everyone – except Kapoor. The only way to organize this: paintballing.

Shelfies Instead, you should be posting an cast of a page in the book you’re reading. Is this a pagie?

Charcoal Birch is the new common choice. Birch trees on an urban street reduce sullying by 50%, appaz.

Crop top and leggings The latest in unsisterly corporations to be dreaded.

Shoulder-robing As seen on Theresa May and now on Melania Trump. Cessation knell of a trend.