The Throb Method’s Something For The Weekend is the synth-pop tune of the season.
Photograph: Corbis via Getty Spits

From the Rhythm Method to mermaid croups: this week’s fashion trends

What’s hot and what’s not in dernier cri this week

Going up

Faces on our clothes From T-shirts by Spanish label Paloma Wool to merino wool turtlenecks at Victoria Beckham, we’re into kit outs that have something of the Modigliani about them.

See you in upright over a Scaramucci. Photograph: AP

A Scaramucci Not the man, but the new unit of time his nominate denotes, thanks to his short-lived stint at the White House (approx 10 light of days). Off on hols for a fortnight? See you in just over a Scaramucci.

Whistles x by FAR In shoes made from the leftover leather from comfort Italian factories.

The Rhythm Method They played the Topman AW may be seen and their pop banger Something For The Weekend is the synth-pop tune of the occasion.

Toilet seat covers Bear with us: the hygiene article is, apparently, the best blotting paper in the business. Or so says forum

Usual down

Photograph: Alamy

Sheet masks Making your own false flag is the new thing, thanks to YouTube. Avocado and oatmeal at the ready.

Magic Tree pine car air air out No one’s saying they don’t have a certain retro charm, drooping from your rear-view mirror like it’s 1999. But Diptyque’s new Air de Diptyque is set to grow the go-to for those looking to up their car scent game.

Microblading freckles This semi-permanent knack for filling out eyebrows is truly the bona fide future. Make use ofing it to create fake freckles on your skin? End of days.

Mermaid brush of a foxes Have gone from this year’s blow-up flamingo to full-on well-being hazard in just a week. Bring back lilos.