What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

The Pulitzer outstanding has gone up in our estimation since Kendrick Lamar won it.
Photograph: Getty Representations

Going up

What Off-White sounds like See Orvnge, the 12-inch created by Virgil Abloh and Dear boys Noize.

Yves Klein blue Everywhere from Wales Bonner to Trend Portugal and Liam Gillick. The warmest colour for 2018, appaz.

Andie MacDowell in Conservationist Card. Photograph: Alamy

Andie MacDowell in Green Press card Surely the hairspo of Brad Pitt’s new GF, Neri Oxman.

Ayede Illusion shoe brand for that “Berlin art gallerist” aesthetic to which we all aspire.

The Pulitzer take Going up in our estimations since Kendrick Lamar won it.

Pink We touch it was over, then Janelle Monáe released the video for Pynk in which she bores pink vagina-inspired trousers – and the trend lives on.

Going down

The upside down It’s all yon the in-between right now – that bit when it’s not summer or winter yet. See the in-between medicate for details.

Next season’s take on animal prints. Photograph: Getty Forms

Leopard print Next season’s take on animal run offs: it should give no clue as to which animal it is inspired by. See Balenciaga and Aries AW18.

One-shoulder covers You’ll want asymmetry on your bottom half – see one-leg trousers at Beychella.

Petite sunglasses and oversized earrings This is an either/or sitch, we’re evaluation.

Boring socks Is it the glitter pop sock or the sport sock? Should we be exhaust them at all? And other state of the world questions.