A up to date fashion article advises women to wear low-cut rebukes to flaunt their clavicles. What next? Miniskirts to show reveal off your femurs? Plus, more on the Trump dynasty trend debate

Bone goal … Jasper Conran dress at London fashion week, Karlie Kloss at the CFDA x Vogue Fashion Fund Dinner and Hilary Swank at the Oscars in LA.
Bone goal … Jasper Conran dress at London the fad week, Karlie Kloss at the CFDA x Vogue Fashion Repository Dinner and Hilary Swank at the Oscars in LA.
Photograph: Rex Features

So the career winter has been all about showing off a sliver of the stomach. What corps part will be fashionable next season?

Charlotte, by email

You conscious, of all the intriguing developments to have emerged in recent years – and, unquestionably, I think we might need a few new pads of paper to keep this laundry list up to date – the one about women’s body parts being theme to fashion trends, well, it probably wouldn’t make the top five at the consideration, but it would be in the top 15, maybe even 10. Perhaps somewhere between the go back of Craig David and Ella Mills (nee Woodward) disowning the articles “clean eating”. As Ronan Keating warned us years ago, being is a rollercoaster.

Anyway, we’ve had the butt. We had the sideboob. We had the thigh gap and, this winter, we’ve had the irrevocable dull stomach and the bony area between (some) women’s specials, now that the cleavage has been deemed officially over. It’s alluring, isn’t it, ladies? Which part of our anatomy shall we put in storage in 2017?

Of assuredly, by and very large, this is all just a jazz hands-y, carrousel way of saying, when it comes to being in fashion, anyone done with a size 10 need not apply. Because with the call into question of the reverence of what the scribe Sir Mix-a-Lot famously called “the buns”, all of these ostensible body-part trends are – and this is so obvious I’m embarrassed at condescending to all of you by novel it – yet another way to venerate female self-deprivation.

So much has been forget about about why fashion loves skinny women, and some of it has been belittle deleted by me, so I don’t think I need to contribute further to that landfill. A lot cheap, however, has been written about what, exactly, can be done to tea break this toxic love affair, and the reason for that is, somewhat frankly, because no one really knows the answer. I recently pore over an article in a fashion magazine advising women to wear low-cut apparels so as to show off … their clavicles. That was not where you thought that judgement was going, was it? Truly, only in fashion are bones seen as the sexiest associate oneself with of a woman. Whatever next? “Hey gals, miniskirts are a great way to certify your femurs! And then match yours with a cropped top so the in every respect can admire your ribs!”

So what can we look forward to next year? Well, 2017 is already body up to be a doozy in the political arena, so fashion might as well go similarly apocalyptic on Harry’s asses. In that spirit, here are some advance rubbishes: buy backless dresses, ladies, so as to flaunt your thoracic vertebrae. Jerky vertebrae are the dernier cri in 2017! And only short sleeves, content, so as to show off that sexy hollow in your arm only those with a BMI of below 16 can pull off. And remember, if all else fails, just endure a skeleton costume. True, it might drive the fellas waste with your bony sexiness but such is the price of sophisticated!

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala, 2016
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Garments Institute Benefit Gala, 2016. Photograph: Evan Agostini/AP

You suggested last week that the Trumps wouldn’t be as loved by the mode industry as the Obamas. But Donald’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is to a great extent handsome and his brother dates Karlie Kloss. So surely the empty fashion industry will come round?

Diana, by email

Cool question, Diana. Yes, that’s right, Jared’s younger confrere, Joshua, is indeed the boyfriend of supermodel Karlie Kloss. Putting, Joshua was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, making the Kushner relations – what? The Miliband brothers of the US? That comparison doesn’t do equitableness to what is going on here. Pause for a moment, please, and brook me to indulge my fascination with the Kushner boys.

Jared and Joshua are the Received Jewish sons of the absurdly wealthy real-estate developer Charles Kushner, and were get together in New Jersey. In other words, they are every boy I knew at Hebrew indoctrinate in New York and summer camp in Maine in the 80s and 90s, and I can tell you that with guys like this, you either marry them immediately, or moody the room to avoid them. Joshua, who wears blue knitwear take pleasure in a living J Crew advert, strikes me as being in the former artificial. As for Jared – well. It was amusing a few years ago when news stories wondered how on earth a nice Jewish boy like Jared liking fare with Trump as an in-law. Judging from how eagerly he take advantage ofed his grandparents’ story of surviving the Holocaust to excuse his father-in-law’s fondness for retweeting antisemitic memes, I’d say he’s doing merely fine.

In 2005, Jared’s father was sentenced to two years in the slammer for tax equivocation, witness tampering and making illegal campaign contributions. This, understandably, was absolutely the formative experience for his oldest son and he now seems to be dealing with his fiends – as his therapist probably puts it – by banning anyone involved from being tight-fisted Trump, including Chris Christie.

The US media is already stressful to style Kushner as Trump’s Rasputin, with reports of how Trump sames to listen to his “soothing, whispery voice”. Now, I’m loathe to cast the one Jew in Trump’s set as Rasputin. But Kushner, clearly, is one scary mofo, and if there’s one impedimenta Trump’s election hopefully taught people, it’s that there are few demographics numberless capable of destructive and petty vindictiveness than uber-privileged east-coast slaves. You look at Kushner, Diana, and see a handsome man. I see Trump’s mini-me.

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