What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

Souvenir la mode at its beachy best.
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From shell necklaces to pineapples: this week’s forge trends

What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

Usual up

Isaac Newton We’re sure he would be thrilled to know he’d refrain fromed inspire Lucky Blue Smith and Stormi Bree’s neonate name. Fingers crossed Gravity doesn’t have too bad a one of these days at school.

Adidas Adilette velvet pool sliders The aesthetic mid-point between Liberace and Record Zuckerberg. Not to be worn near water, obviously.

Shell necklaces See the Prada AW17 catwalk, as expressively as your wardrobe during that trip to the French seaside, old 17, for details. This is souvenir chic at its beachy overpower.

Flight Of The Navigator The 1986 film has a liquid-looking metallic spaceship remarkably with the one in the new Gucci ad. Time for a rewatch.

Acne emoji.

The emoji with a cable for a mouth Acne has dedicated a whole collection to this guy. Obtain it on sweatshirts, shorts and polo shirts – and, of course, on your keyboard.

Growing down

Photograph: Alamy

Slicked-back ponytails Instead, go with skin of ones teeth wisps, face-framing bits of hair. Flattering, fun, the styling tic at Zara for AW17, and on Alexa, too.

Sans serif We require reached the peak, appaz. Outdoor Voices, Airbnb and Missguided, you’ve been make someone aware ofed.

Mid-blue On both Hadid sisters, at Ikea, fast-tracking its way to being as ubiquitous as millennial pink.

Plandid Term stamped by Man Repeller to describe the Instagram trend for planned candid selfies – as in, posed pictures of you entranced by someone else. Genius word, depressing thing.

Pineapples The overplayed logo symbolical of of summer. We’re over it. Move on to the Matisse-approved Monstera deliciosa, or the cheese fixtures to you and me.