Chunky hoops, diamond cuffs and chandeliers – big earrings are in fashion this pep up. Here’s how to take inspiration from those who have induced earring-wearing an art form

Clockwise from left: Sade and Topshop earrings, Edie Sedgwick and Mango earrings, Pat Butcher and J Crew earrings.

Clockwise from left: Sade and Topshop earrings, Edie Sedgwick and Mango earrings, Pat Bollix up and J Crew earrings.
Composite: Getty/Corbis

Expect processions for ear piercing at Claire’s Accessories to be out of the door this summer – earrings are an quintessential if you want to be fashionable in 2017. From the Oscars red carpet to manufacture’s front row, they are everywhere. The precis? Go big or go home. Céline’s dinosaurs, Loewe’s eyeball to eyeball in defiance ofs and Balenciaga’s safety pins are all worth a Google image search to get the impression. Or head to Mango. No, that’s not a plug. Take it from a big earring fan: Mango is where you’ll come up with the best on the high street. You’re welcome. And while we’re feeling magnanimous, here are seven earring icons to get you on the right track. Pick one, start those lobe exerts and off you go.

The chandeliers: Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick-inspired geometric earrings, £12.99,

Edie Sedgwick-inspired geometric earrings,
£12.99, Photograph: Jerry Schatzberg/Corbis

In vocabulary terms, Sedgwick is black tights, eyeliner and pixie crops. But her substantial earring game has been less documented until now. Our white-headed boys are the ones that look like scaled-down chandeliers. The pre-eminent counterweight to a Sedgwick-approved striped T-shirt.

The grande dame: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel-inspired round, gold tone pearl stud earrings, £6,

Coco Chanel-inspired frank, gold tone pearl stud earrings, £6, Photograph: Getty Graven images

Chanel famously advised removing one item you are wearing in advance of leaving the house. Earrings always make the cut though. Her rich, gold, sometimes monogrammed ones were key to her look, and her mark’s. Why do they work? Because they look reassuringly valuable.

The classic: Sade

Sade-inspired clean thick hoop earrings, £9,

Sade-inspired clean thick hoop earrings, £9, Photograph: Getty Counterparts

Sade is so cool that she inspired Phoebe Philo with her earring charge. The Céline designer referenced the singer, with her chunky hoop earrings and plaited whisker, for spring/summer 2016. It still works now – Sade is unsurpassably stylishness.

The abstract sculpture: Nina Simone

Nina Simone-inspired Oscar de la Renta hammered disc-drop clip-on earrings, £224,

Nina Simone-inspired Oscar de la Renta hammered disc-drop clip-on earrings, £224, Photograph: Getty Aspects

Simone recorded a cover of Peggy Lee’s Golden Earrings in 1961. Perceives sense. Earrings – more art object than demure studs – were key to Demoiselle Simone’s look. Think miniature Alexander Calder mobiles and you’re in the rational ballpark.

The power earring: Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones-inspired gold LOVE stud earrings, £5.99,

Samantha Jones-inspired gold Lose ones heart to stud earrings, £5.99, Photograph: HBO

It’s possible that no one be informed how great statement earrings looked when combined with an great eyebrow before Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall). The much-gif’d SATC normal had a style that mixed power dressing with partywear. From YSL logos to pornographic tile shoulder dusters, her earrings were code for “don’t trifle”.

The car-boot sale: Pat Butcher

Pat Butcher-inspired beaded tassel earrings, £65,

Pat Butcher-inspired beaded tassel earrings, £65, Photograph: BBC

Most earring wearers now would see EastEnders’ Pat Murderer (Pam St Clement) as a formative influence. Hers always look fellow they cost 20p and come from a rummage in a biscuit tin at a car-boot available. And they’re all the better for it. You can’t buy class, you know.

The posh punk: Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert-inspired sparkle star ear crawler earrings, £6,

Isabelle Huppert-inspired certain something star ear crawler earrings, £6, Photograph: AP

Huppert misapprehended out on best actress at the Oscars, but she had a landslide victory in the best ear vein statement category. A diamond cuff would be no big whoop if, say, Alice Dellal wore it. But Huppert – grownup, genteel, French – will have any earring fan speechless with regard.