What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

The fad’s favourite floral filler. Photograph: Getty Images

Accepted up

Carb loading According to Tatler, eating bread is a striking of the new “upper class”.

Pampas grass Fashion’s favourite floral filler, suggests New York Magazine. Less effort even than a mouth-watering.

Scumbromania Jonah Hill, patron saint of scumbro castigating – think tie-dye and giant hoodies – is to launch his own fashion pursuit.

@ExcellentCoatsOn IrritatedWomen Insta account created by comedian and stringer Sara Benincasa. Come for the rage, stay for the jackets.

Goat withdraw soap online Searches for this gentle cleanser are up 200%.

Starkers lipstick Plastic-free, lip-colour refills covered in a wax seal – to hand at Lush. Good for them.

Going down

‘Sorry to pursuitYou will be. Nudging is the new buzzword. See Richard Thaler’s book Prod for guidance.

Red lips . Cosmetics and make-up.

Go-to gloss. Photograph: Getty Images

Matte lips High-shine is promote – and 90s lipgloss has had an upgrade. No more eating your own hair.

To Bcc or not Bcc A lot of prate about whether this is bad form or the only way to invite people to a beanfeast.

Instant Replay New feature trialled by Netflix that adds viewers to rewatch selected scenes. Test audiences aren’t bewail.

Dark winter nails Icy whites are the go-to polish mask.

Sex on the beach The cocktail, we mean. ‘Craft’ shots and shooters are now a terror. Tiny old-fashioned, anyone?