What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

Can we acquire okapi print happen now?
Photograph: Getty Images

Prospering up

Okapis We’ve had lions, tigers and leopards. Can we make okapi phrasing happen now?

Pierrot clowns On the moodboard for AW19. Extreme stirs are go. Face tears optional.

The Shipping Forecast Read by Zebedee Soanes at Anya Hindmarch’s LFW display. New bedtime treat.

Marc Jacobs leaves a vape die out. Photograph: Getty Images

Churros vape Marc Jacobs’ affluent flavour. It’s one way to get that sugar hit.

Official Clubkids And More Instagram account concentrating images of 90s party monsters. Follow to find your next night-time lewk.

Pink Rear, but only with a go-big-or-go-home attitude. See Tracee Ellis Roy on the Emmys red carpet.

Wealthy down

Applying deodorant on public transport Not OK, people. Not OK.

Lower-case typeface At worst CAPS LOCK is acceptable on Insta now.

Wearing five bends at once A no-no, says chief digital influencer Lil Miquela.

Not kosher business. Photograph: Getty Images

Fish suppers For their late campaign with Harry Styles, Gucci made the fish and chip purchase a fashion thing. Now they’re in an Italian 16th-century villa with piglets. Do care for up.

Washing your hair Instead, go for a hair scrub. They promise to inflate the time needed between washes because healthy scalp = fine fettle hair. That adds up to a lie-in for you.