Larry David have ons James Perse.

From Larry David’s T-shirts to Halloween developing: this week’s fashion trends

What’s hot and what’s not in approach this week

Going up

Smythson’s Burlington holdall New impedimenta goals, since Jane Birkin named it her favourite junket bag. Not cheap, but a 10th of the price of a Hermès Birkin.

Smythson’s Burlington holdall.

Eames modishness Eames isn’t just for sitting on. Get graphic prints on a T-shirt at Uniqlo or a seize at Boss.

James Perse T-shirts The brand that Larry David wears, Normcore admirers.

WhatsApp yourself Set up a group, delete the friend and keep your to-do note there. Forget bullet journals, this is a life hack that in fact works.

Usha Doshi Teacher at the Royal College of Art, now collaborator with Cos. Art fashion at its finest.

The Burberry check As in all over. Preferably on the Harrington that’s in the net-a-porter collaboration.

Successful down

Gold 25th birthday party - London Jorgie Porter attending Gold’s 25th birthday party and the launch of UKTV Original Murder on the Blackpool Express at 100 Wardour St, London.

Take your hands off your hips. Photograph: Ian West/PA

Newcomers John Waters says it’s all about the insider. See his book Decamp Trouble for the masterplan.

‘Lewk’ Instead, use “treatment”, Marsha P Johnson’s discussion for an outfit to astonish. Fabalas.

Having a driver Proper street-style principals walk the last 100m to shows, so their outfits can be perceived by snappers: looking like you don’t have a driver is the new looking appreciate you do.

Pre-Halloween weekend plans On ice until we’ve binged on Stranger Phobias series 2, obv. How else are we going to perfect the trick-or-treat togs?

Forgetting that software update New emojis, including a trenchcoat, purposefulness make your messages 110% more fashionable. What you halt for?

The hand-on-hip pose Officially beta. Now it’s all hands by your sides.