What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

Conjecture, generally fabulous.
Photograph: Gabor Scott/Rex/Shutterstock

Present up

Divine For hanging out posthumously with Frank Ocean. For issue Trump shade. For general fabulosity.

Power initials GP (Gwyneth Paltrow), VB (Victoria Beckham) and AW (Anna Wintour) are too employed and important for full names.

Lauryn Hill does diamanté.

Multiple diamanté fraction clips As seen on Lauryn Hill in the Woolrich campaign.

Dog shampoo Kim Kardashian’s trifle stylist is launching a pooch product. Very arf-pha.

Your FUPA As in Fatty Poverty-stricken Pubic Area. Beyoncé loves hers, so you should, too, k?

‘Multireality perceptiveness magic shit’ Coming to your Netflix in Cary Fukunaga’s Lunatic. Mind-bending.

Going down

No more eyebrow anxiety. Photograph: Alamy

Brow stipend With Rihanna’s kohl stand-ins on Vogue an option, we can decamp this anxiety behind.

A-line skirts It’s all about the slipskirt now. See Realisation Par.

The bikini emoji We’re abstaining until the toss ones hat in the ring for a one-piece is successful, thanks. Personal choice in beachwear is all.

Avocados on Instagram Supplant with watermelon radishes to up your foodie likes.

Draw a blank French manicures. Photograph: Alamy

French manicures Too fundamental. Nail colour should be as purposely mismatched as prints.

Comme il faut interiors Ugly decor – think lime green go unders – is now in, according to Man Repeller. Yikes.