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What’s hot and what’s most definitely not in fashion this week

Watch out Durham.
Photograph: Rating Harrison/BritBox/Avalon/PA

Going up
Cummings collar Forget the political adviser’s creased white shirt. We’re into his new Splutter Image styling with a Ming the Merciless popped collar.
French bob The most requested style since hairdressers reopened. See Anna Karina in Vivre Sa Vie or accepted favourite, Marc Jacobs.
Beyoncé’s Black is King jigsawHow is it possible for an item to be peak summer 2020 but quiescent properly great? Such is the genius of Bey.

Santé. Photograph: Getty Images
Wine windows Plague-era method of selling hard stuff through a window, updated with ice-cream for the current pandemic.
Floafers Loafers that… float? We’re actually into them.
Booming down
Hawaiian shirts Garish even before they were co-opted by the alt-right. We’re about camp collar (not on target, unstructured) shirts this summer.
Boob or bust The needle of shame has landed on our decolletage. Sales of bust-firming cream are on the up. Mirths, Zoom.
Ocado Sick of not getting a slot. We’re ordering online BBQ packs. Try Smokestak’s smoked meat in a box.

Spurred mad. Photograph: Getty Images
Baseball caps Simply not enough coverage. We prefer the wider Patagonia brimmer and NE Blake cricket hat.
Bardcore Internet tend for medieval versions of pop songs – not in a funny way. Haven’t we been through enough?



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