What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

We’ve got someday for this.

From Charlie Brown protects to bro-flakes: this week’s fashion trends

What’s hot and what’s not in attitude this week

Going up

Timex x Peanuts A Charlie Brown note with his arms as the hands? Yes, please.

Photograph: DPA/PA Images

Kidmania Big Lilliputian Lies, Top Of The Lake, The Beguiled… Nicole is having A Moment.

Weekday The Swedish identify (Cos for millennials) lands this week. The first 200 chaps in the London store on Friday get 40% off. See you there.

Jonah Hill Predilections Palace, wears Yeezy kicks and seen with socks pulled up to calf-length while in in a words. Add to your moodboards accordingly.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s new look Bob hairstyle, Prada dogs, recycled McQueen. Against our better nature, we’re quite into it.

Denim jacket and polo neck As noticed for Levi’s AW17. Have a look, to get acclimatised when temperatures tumble.

Going down

Waxworks It’s not just that New York Madame Tussaud’s Beyoncé is more Britney that Queen mother Bey, it’s that they’re never not creepy.

Latte art Move outstanding, hearts and leaves, and top your coffee with a designer stamp, à la @designerlattes. Supreme froth on ours, please.

‘Clean’ As in consuming/living. Instead, pepper your wellness chats with “earth” (standing barefoot on earth for 30 minutes). It cured Naomie Harris’ jet-lag, and it’s released.

Photograph: Getty Images

That thing you bought on gala Doesn’t look so great when you get it home and it’s raining, does it?

Bro-flakes Terrific word, depressing concept: Trump, Piers M, etc – ie, older, upright, powerful men who take offence to general wokeness. Collective eyeroll.