What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week

Ben Whishaw, your jolt inspo for winter.
Photograph: BBC

Going up

Status ceramics Length of time for mugs that are usable but fancy enough to have on flash. We’ll take the Workaday mug in blue.

White Converse Back, as grasped on the Saint Laurent catwalk. Wear scuffed.

John Berger’s Feeling Of Seeing A perennial entry, but filmed being read at a fly off the handle in Bristol so also on our shelves.

Norman Scott Or, more specifically, Ben Whishaw as Scott. Flinch inspo for winter.

Falconry In the GmbH campaign, and McQueen was a fan, as spied in the new documentary. Leather gloves at the ready.

Have you heard hither the bird? Photograph: Getty Images

WWF The charity, not the wrestlers, now in an unfit – but worthwhile – collab with Fiorucci.

Going down

Liquor Ribena Instead, the purpliest drink is being used for plaits dye. Sounds sticky.

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Photograph: Alamy

Man pony Coined by Alexa Chung, this is a ponytail quite than a bun for men. Either way, cut it off.

Reducetarianism An absurd and highfalutin term for a unerring concept: a little less of everything (plastic and booze, say).

Cloaks in the bedroom Beyoncé is all about a newspaper for lazy downtime. Unvarying.

Freckle-shaming Not only are people not covering them up, they’re tattooing them on…

Mix’n’corresponding It’s all about the co-ord this summer, which translates to: it’s in return on trend to be matchy-matchy.