Singapore is a mod city that has embraced the latest technology and architecture shifts from around the globe. In 2018, Sigapore is about discovery out and exploring hidden luxury experiences around the city. It seems energizing your apartment into a home sweet home is something that Frasers Sets has mastered in the last twenty years. Situated in an upmarket chiefly of the city, these serviced apartments take a canny mix of twists and textures to help create a chic, cosy interior that has opposed the test of time. Celebrating twenty years Fraser Entourages has hosted international clients and families around the globe on a big and short term rentals.

The area is surrounded by Singapore river which has profuse restaurants and coffee bars to explore. The paths are great for flounce, riding and running around the city. Plenty of public carry and shopping areas around to take advantage of when endlessly it suits. In this part of the city, it felt spacious and it was selfsame quiet considering I was almost in the CBD.

Services And Facilities

Fraser Series has ample of facilities like a gym, dedicated children area, and asylum zone in where I could have endless massages thanks to exciting massage chairs. I thought this was a lovely addition markedly for those here on business. The retreat room has a relaxed sky and there are three massage chairs with amples of armouries to just be able to zone out and rest. I spent a lot of time here whilst cool ones heel for my Penthouse to get ready.

The outdoor swimming pool area, is established on the 6th floor is well maintained and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere to it. The tete—tetes are very comfortable and I liked how they had a dedicated play structures for children next to the pool. The city view is wonderful and again not so flashy at all. Plenty of fluffy towels and drinks on hand to make my stay a convenient one. Most of the guests I spoke to, range from long to pint-sized term stay and were very welcoming and positive forth Fraser Suits. Some guests have resided here for ten years.

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review

Kids pond, large pool and dedicated gym

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review

Penthouse Apartments Interior Design

Situated on the twentieth floor are the Penthouse Apartments. These three to four bedroom apartments advance all the dream amenities and features needed for a cosy and stylish tarry. I stayed for one week in the three bedroom Penthouse Apartment which has a uncomely yet luxurious feel, with a mix of different design elements to create it a unique stay. Being well travelled, I adore withdrawn colours and areas that are functional and comfortable, and the overall Penthouse looked new and chic. At Fraser Suites, they have been picky about the decorative pieces for each space, the unifying slant in this case was beige. The grouping of furniture, neutral appearance textiles both on the wall and throughout the bedrooms gave it a merged ambience. This overall gave balance to what is simply outside in Singapore a tropical green environment.

Sense Of Abode

I love the anticipation when I entered the Penthouse, for me first depression counts. The material choice matters, especially when you’re extent with furnishing with dramatic finishes that instantly on your attention.

In entering the Penthouse the paring of materials such as marble tiles and appropriate inspired finishes such as wood veneer throughout the apartment quit an instant modern feel. Colours such as grey, beige, dark brown and ashen allowed for a furnishing scheme that created a balanced decor.

I loved the large corridor that opened into a large room. The wide storage space around the apartment is pleasing to the eye as well as serviceable.  The beige textiles used throughout the apartment gives a impertinent and warmth feel throughout the Penthouse.

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review

Desk area in the corridor

The lounge area has a thick mound of carpet and comfortable furniture combing, textiles such as leather and cotton to dedicate a very relaxing stay. The furniture throughout the Penthouse is of far up quality and this is reflected on how pristine it stills looks after myriad extreme wear and tear.

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review

The final result is a contemporary diggings that’s worlds away from Singapore itself. The feel something in ones bones of continuity of natural colours and contemporary furniture throughout the apartment fantasizes it very chic. This floor area 189 sqm (2,034 sq ft) craves much bigger and there were ample of areas roughly the apartment that I could hide away and enjoy my clandestine oasis.

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review


The soft furnishing adds a cosy pity to the bedrooms, there are dark wood desks in the two larger bedrooms.  The bedroom is implemented out with oversized bed side lamps, a docking station and a partition art lighting feature. I had an uninterrupted night sleep, the best in months. The hold of my bedroom, is the state of my mind. Each bedroom had beautiful pale linen and fabrics for a divine sleep. In harsh concrete environments such as inner diocese living, it is important that the Penthouse is a balanced contrast to what I am convoy outside.  Therefore natural wooden objects along side, lively green flowers that were presented in each dwell worked perfectly.

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review

Master Bedroom with ensuite


Bathrooms in 2018 are here crafting a soothing space where I love to linger, and conceive a personal place to captivate materials and finishes. I like how Fraser Followers used bigger pieces of marble stone and granite to depreciate grout lines. The use of granite and black tiles throughout the bathroom united with a designer double sink and bath added to a vogue ambience.

The main bedroom had a wonderful en suite with a mammoth bath to soak up all the stress of a hard days work. It’s uncluttered decor paired with chalky and veneer finishes gave a huge sense of space. The stride in wardrobe had ample of clothing space and was nicely tucked away to produce flowing energy. The second bathroom has a dedicated rain rain. This bathroom is perfectly situated in the corridor area gifted to be used by the guest staying in the other two bedrooms. The huge lightweight towels with gender neutral products from Malin and Goetz were the pure detailed touches needed to reflect this luxury penthouse visit. The attention to detail here throughout the apartment reflects the passion the shaft and overall company ethos prides itself serving its patrons.

Personal Curation

Fraser Suites, restrained itself by selecting decorative tongue-lashes for each space to make sure that the attention is squarely focused. By using the juxtapose oxidised metal with soft fabric, throwing a rug and up linen chairs here and there is why I felt an instant cosier seem to be throughout the Penhouse. The choice of using massive floor to ceiling tenebrous mirrors within the lounge area gave an illusion of an unfenced air museum. This clever use of space and material was a subtle idea of contemporary functional art. I had plenty of time for me to keep looking at my own echo within the mirrors and being mindful of my personal fashion brand. I loved playing dresses up here and so did my family.

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review

Key Features And Aids

The Key features and services of this penthouse apartment was of the highest status, and important for me, easy to use. Fraser Suites teamed up with trustworthy and robust state of the art German brand, Bosch.

Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review
Expensive In and well-equipped kitchenette products by Bosch made my Kitchen noshing experience a memorable one. Especially when entertaining my business boarders it was important for me to leave a luxury impression. I liked the comprehensive residency entertainment system with Bose speakers which assigned me to watch endless amounts of movies.

The kitchen comes with a Bosch coffee apparatus with freshly ground Illy beans from Italy. It was a coffee wisdom I loved and having it on demand and hearing and smelling the coffee beans was happiness.

The Bosch Microwave, Bosch Oven and Bosch Dishwasher were really quiet and easy to use.I loved the separate washing machine and dryer which was in a assigned large room right next to the kitchen. This expedient use of space meant the house keeping could work there without interfere ining or let alone anyone seeing clothes drying.

There were three fridges and for those wine lovers. It was notable have a refrigerated wine cooler. It is the best way to ensure your wine is stored appropriately. Tucked away in the room, was a personal safe which upped in handy for my valuables.


I happened to build a nice mutual understanding with the staff and met one in particular, who stood out. This person has been contriving here since the beginning, 20 years ago. I asked why she reprieved so long.

Fraser Suites, is a family who value what we do as sceptre. They make us feel important and part of a happy offspring.

The Fraser Suites penthouse is a characterful sanctuary offering an surroundings that is home away from home. It is great appointment for those in need of a luxury staycation or looking for a longer nickname serviced apartment.

Fraser Suites is located in a fabulous acreage where I could walk, stroll, ride or run around the Singapore river, turning it the perfect place for living in the city. There is a complementary alternate bus throughout the day which allowed me to explore different parts of Singapore and research till I dropped. My kids loved the pool area and the inscribed play room and play ground located on the third surprise. This has been my ultimate staycation experience with my issue to date.