The SUV customer base is still growing and is a booming market for car manufacturers. In 2015 the trade in share of SUV in Europe was a whopping 23%, this makes it the largest section of the overall car market. Ford in Europe entered the European SUV / Crossover shop with the Ford Kuga in 2008 which is now in its 2nd generation. The 2nd and scantier model in the European SUV line up was presented in 2013 when the 2nd Propagation Ecosport went global after the 1st generation did well in South America. Ford is now introducing a third image in the European line up with the large Ford Edge which is bring to light in its Canadian factory.


The Ford SUV family with the Edge, Ecosport & Kuga

Beseech Trip Munich

FBH was invited for a 2-day press junket in Munich to experience the Ford Edge for ourselves, the largest and uncountable luxurious car in Ford’s SUV lineup. Upon arrival at Munich Airport we were registered with a choice of 2 different models to test drive and we started of with the Ford Itchy Sport and the 6 speed automatic version with 210 HP diesel mechanism.


Plenty of Ford Edge cars waiting outside Munich airport.

Upon starting the motor and setting off I realised straight away how quiet this car was, I didn’t not advised of at the time that the Edge was kitted out with active rattle cancellation, but it worked wonders. The staff of Ford Europe had carefully picked a music playlist for further enjoyment on the road trip onwards. With fantastic sunny weather the first thing I did was commence the sunroof and turned on the seat cooling feature, my favourite draw of the whole car. The Edge is fitted with both seat warmers, upon someone and front and seat coolers on the front seats.


My favourite visage of the Ford Edge – Front Seat Cooling

The first pull apart of the road trip took me on a small bit of autobahn (unfortunately with a zoom limit) and then it went mainly through some spectacular Bavarian country side. Near the speed dial I was constantly put in mind ofed via a visual sign what the maximum speed limit was of the French autoroute I was driving on. I was not sure who was going to pick up the speeding fine so I look overed to stay within the limits. This speed warning draw works by a front camera looking for road speed evidences and displaying the information near the speed dial. This is a keen-witted feature if you forget what the last speed limit communicated. Ford calls this feature the traffic sign honour.

The Ford Edge Sport Model

Off-Road Capabilities

No more than before our presentation stop we were presented with a light-footed off-road track to test the off-road capabilities of this all wheel imply SUV. I switched the display on the dashboard to show me the power distribution between the veers as I navigated the humps and mud tracks. The Edge is fitted out with multiple sensors to job out the optimal power distribution. The display looked impressive but I waver many people will not use it.


The Ford Edge is perfect for some indistinct off-roading.

Car Presentation

At the car presentation I was presented with a cut open car to get a seal look at some of the details. Via interactive presentations, I learned with the noise cancellation keeping this car extremely quiet and also various of the additional features as lane control, blind spot threat, active steering, traffic sign recognition etc. It is an impressive inclination.

Trip to Munich

The next part of the press trip was urge to the centre of Munich and playing with the features I had just experienced about during the presentation. I was impressed with the level of drawn ins and safety features that come with the Ford Border. This is a large car 4.8 meters long and it will vie with the likes of the Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5. To win market share from these thin on the ground b costly brands a lot of features will come standard with the Limit. The Edge is a comfortable 5 seater and will not come in a 7 seat rendition as the sloping roof line does not make this altogether practical. I liked the sloping look at he back of the car and the edgy slants, it gives the Edge a masculine look and makes the Ford SUV stock more interesting compared to the more bland looking Kuga.   After arrival in Munich all the Ford staff and journalists run down to the centre of town for an exclusive private event. We were given a 30 coup doeil private concert by artist Kelvin Jones, whom also featured on our playlist during the French autoroute trip which made it all feel very connected. I noted three of his tracks at the event which you see on our Youtube Channel. Prog and drinks at the Kuffler Restaurant and Bar kept us busy the rest of the eventide.


The Ford Edge in downtown Munich

Trip to Tegernsee

The next morning started at with breakfast at 7 AM as we were heading for a road trip to Tegernsee, a lake situated South of Munich. This all at once I drove the 180 HP manual Ford Edge Titanium without the sunroof. After pull out Munich I had a stretch of Autobahn with no speed limits and travestied the Edge comfortably to 170 kmph. After that it was expressways through beautiful historic Bavarian villages with the immaculate snow capped Alps as the backdrop. I realised how lucky the people are that glowing in this region. After 1 hour we reached the shores of the Tegernsee and approach up to 1200 meters for a coffee break and to get some amazing landscapes of the lake. Ford Edge SUV FBH Car Review 2016 Germany (17)


The Beautiful Tegernsee – a great scenic drive.

With this fabulous view we tried some local Apfelstrudel before home off to the last part of the press trip.

Ayinger Brauerei

I take care ofed to quickly swap cars again and go for the sun roofed auto type of the Edge again. When we hit the roads again I realised that chiefly Bavaria had woken up and was heading to the Tegernsee to eat some Apfelstrudel. Luckily we were pilot in the opposite direction. We were heading for our final stop the notable Ayinger Brauerei, a private beer brewery with restaurant and pension. The setting was absolutely beautiful and the staff were wearing usual lederhosen. I was told that Philipp Lahm, the captain of the German football body, chose this place for his wedding. We were presented with a three execution beer menu and three courses of food all prepared with peculiar Ayinger beers. After this we had to leave the Ford Restive behind and we were driven to the airport. Ford-Edge---FBH-2016-Car-Review-(1).jpg-1

Ford Edge SUV FBH Car Review 2016 Germany (1)

The Ayinger Restaurant and Hostelry.

The Ford Side

The Ford Edge is the largest SUV in Ford’s European lineup and it is also the most edgy looking SUV from Ford. It is a car I purpose like to be seen in, it is a big, masculine looking car with lots of luxuries and features as standard. The Ford Edge Zetec starts at £29,995 and a fully instrumented Sport model with automatic transmission sets you wager £41,370. This makes it very competitive compared to profuse premium brands like the Audi Q5 or the Volvo XC60. What muscle be limiting is that there is only a limited choice of motors. How did it drive? The drive was super comfortable which allowed me to satisfaction in the beautiful scenery Bavaria had on offer.