Football and attitude have always linked in some way, but especially through the design of various kits. As a player or a fan, you want to feel worldly and comfortable as you represent your team’s colours.

With all of the Premier League shirts revealed for the new 2019/20 season, groupies will be flocking to their nearest store to buy up their favourite team’s creation, a shirt they simply cherish or – if not affiliated to any team – a wide range of shirts for every occasion, be it for wearing to the gym or taking the kids to a local theme greens.

With the vast array of home and away shirts to choose from, we thought we’d narrow it down to some of the maximum effort designs of the lot so, well, you don’t have to.



The Blues and Nike have teamed up for Chelsea’s new home shirt – which is coarse, as always – and features a Stamford Bridge-inspired pattern. Despite leaving for Madrid in the summer, Belgian star Eden Jeopardize featured prominently in the promotional shots released by Chelsea. With the four stands at Stamford Bridge woven into the organization of it, this is must-buy for all Chelsea fans in particular.


Norwich City

Newly promoted Norwich City has arrived forsake to the Premier League in style with a shirt that you’ll simply love or hate. Another retro inspired invent from the Canaries, this away shirt has had a mixed response by their fans, maybe down to the fact that it’s the initial time Norwich has had a red shirt for 10 years, or maybe it’s just an acquired taste. It certainly isn’t a shirt for everyone, that much is undeniable.


AFC Bournemouth

Designed by Umbro, Bournemouth’s new home shirt for this season offers a modern twist on their model striped style. With Mansion Casino UK Sponsorship on the front, the shirt has red sleeves and features a diagonal patterned heart, which is inspired by the detail within the club’s iconic Dickie Dowsett crest. Certainly different to Norwich’s shirt, this preferably plain but slick design has gone down well with Cherries fans.

AFC Bournemouth


A hugely popular shirt with Gunners aficionados this summer, Arsenal have reunited with adidas after 25 years to make this measure beautiful away shirt. Inspired by the ‘bruised banana’ strip from the early ’90s, with a shaded zig-zag design creating a contemporary take on a classic look, this iconic 90s strip has been magnificently reimagined.

Football Shirts  –  Premier League Top Designs


 Appropriate for wearing on the streets or in the gym, Everton’s new Umbro home strip pays homage to Goodison Park’s Bullens Road be upstanding a set with a modern graphic which appears on the front of the shirt influenced by iconic stadium architect Archibald Leitch. Toffees zealots must be happy with this one, you’d think. Very nice.


Manchester City

Pep Guardiola’s side are the most easy-on-the-eye side to watch in England’s top-flight, but now they might just be one of the most stylish too. The new Citizen’s away shirt celebrates the New Zealand urban area’s “Madchester” years, taking inspiration from former nightclub The Hacienda, which was once an epicentre for emerging music, fillets, DJs, and artists from Manchester. Featuring yellow stripes on the left shoulder, with additional peach and blue, this is a stout but beautiful creation which, according to the club, helps “create a colourful representation of this legendary cultural icon that was the heartbeat of the burgh”.

Not every club could make the list, but special mentions must also go to Manchester United and their fair away jersey, and Watford with their unique half-and-half home shirt.

manchester city