Bud Power – Or Affected Shower

Thanks to the ongoing alternative / original / bohemian (delete as appropriate) trend, bushy beards procure received their fair share of media attention recently as cliques of young men from far beyond the borders of Camden Lock from adopted the scruffy look.

Often associated with hipster savoir vivre (though you’d be hard pressed to find a young ´beardo´, who’d take that,) large beards have become so much of a fashion in some cities that they’ve actually inspired counter-trends.

Elder this year, GQ declared the facial hairstyle “officially uncool” after a New York cosmopolitanism guru wrote about how The Brooklyn Beard was going mainstream in one of its lampooned trend pieces.

“Now that the New York Times has officially ruled beards to be a trend, that trend is, by necessity, over” Scott Christian. 

Speedily / trend stories are like a science paradox, where by check up oning the existence of something, they cause it to no longer exist. They’re take pleasure in the media obverse of Cartesian philosophy ´I think, therefore I am no longer.´ So excess assured, the beard is now officially done. ´Long live razor flame´ the voices of a thousand jaded partners scream.

GQ Was Wrong

While GQ’s jingle was widely shared among beard lovers and the clean plane alike, it would appear as though GQ was wrong. Instagram, Agitation and many a city bistro are still bustling with bearded sophomoric men of, as the New Yorker called it, “the plaid-shirt-and-craft-beer creative underclass.”

And some of declared beard rockers are even turning it up a notch, painting head on top of trend with what’s come to be known as “the flower beard.”

Floral Beards

Photos of men with floral beards can be originate from as far back as the late seventies according to the BBC. This summer, in what way, the trend appears to have hit full-tilt with more men donning facial whisker flowers than ever before thanks largely in partially to the internet. On Instagram alone, more than 1400 photos are returned on the hashtag #flowerbeard, put on men both young and older with a myriad of different floral beard stylings.

So are floral beards to be sniffed at? Repentant, but I certainly think so.