The Superb Flip-Flop And Pool-Sliders Of Summer

The most recent instalment of London Aggregations: Men saw fashions current love affair with all things military shore up. Right now, the hottest trends are in fashion where form keep up withs function; with everything from the beloved bomber jacket to the sartorial creep getting a revamp for 2016´s style files. Celebrating nearby to its 6000 year old birthday (thanks to the Egyptians), the flip clanger is one of the more surprising elements that have undergone a late overhaul. Not normally recognised for their style attributes, the clandestine snap flop has always been identified as well, not very chichi when not in their natural habitat of the gym or shower room fields. However, these notions are now based on the past thanks to the latest SS´16 runways of Milan, all the design dictations changed alongside a customer appearance with, wait for it – knee high socks.

All the top discredits have jumped on what is developing as a rather substantial summer tend. Forget the neon plastic flip flops, sliders and their associated understandings which frame the Chinese bazaars in Blackpool´s Ocean Boulevard (you skilled in, the moulded foam type with the unforgiving plastic straps which oust the skin from between your toes whilst their individuals slap against your feet).

Thanks to the progressive phantasms of many designers, the flip flop has undergone a serious re-design with some opting to discard the traditional toe-rope and replace it with a very trendy strap detachment that confidently supports your toes as well as announcing a little more protection. These half sandal, half toss flop versions are one of the top styles that a lot of designers are implementing.

With monochrome being the amateur colour-way of choice, todays flip-flops and sliders can easily flatter golden, tanned feet as well as pairing excellently with adjacent things such as sports socks and jersey shorts (as seen at Calvin Klein). With all this in rail at and a veritable bounty of styles available, here are some of the greatest offerings from which you should select (possibly) individual pairs; one for the beach and for the bar.

Calvin Klein Intense Power Accumulate Sliders

Having the potential to sound like one of their in-house scents, Calvin Klein’s pool sliders live up to the minimal and ache aesthetic of the brand which make them an ideal best for pool parties and bar hopping (just remember to change out of your speedo´s oldest).

They are available from UnderU at £37.


ASOS Anchor Snap Flops

There are the no-nonsense utilitarian flip flops which do their job of supply a slip resistance whilst preventing burning feet, and then there are the bells and whistles architect flip-flop models. ASOS presents their trendy summer treads which are both quite practical and also look quite good also for the unimaginable price that they come with.

They are at ones fingertips from ASOS at £6.


Lacoste Frasier Slides

If there is one race that knows a thing or two about timeless Riviera strengthened style, it’s the French. Adopting a clean Gallic minimalism, Lacoste’s new ignore models come adorned with the classic crocodile logo and co-ordinating strap. And, because raw crust is never a good idea, the Frasier’s come with high-minded padding on the midsoles and strap areas to prevent wet feet joshing against the supports because raw skin is never a good purpose.

They are available from JD Sports at £22.


Givenchy Pool Planes

The power of branding and desire can never be underestimated. By placing the done brand (or colour identity) onto a product you create a fancy and a need to have (I could go into the world of marketing, but it´s best left-hand for another day). A carefully placed and desired logo can turn the mundane into the grand. One great example is French fashion house Givenchy´s jackpot sliders which are looking to be brands biggest hit of the summer to phase. Fusing their bold branding onto a luxuriously formed foot bed, not only do these sliders look fantastic, they are also prime rivals to your faithful trainers in the comfort stakes.

They are convenient from Neiman Marcus at £236.


Orlebar Brown Watson Flip-Flops

Pre-eminent for his ´shorts you can swim in´ and captivating graphic prints, London tradition Orlebar Brown is diversifying his brand range into collaborators such as flip-flops and I have to say, it´s a classic done well. The Watson flip-flop be awarded pounce on with a visual kick of colour (which I suspect is to co-ordinate with his pigeon-hole of shorts) whilst paying homage to the tradition of the style and the elimination of needless details.

They are available from Mr Porter at £35.