Seductive, sexy and big on cats – the first images from the most forestalled designer debut this year have landed

Meghan Roche & Kolton Bowen in the new Givenchy campaign.

Meghan Roche and Kolton Bowen in the new Givenchy operations.
Photograph: Givenchy

First look: what we can upon from Clare Waight Keller’s Givenchy

Seductive, rude and big on cats – the first images from the most anticipated originator debut this year have landed

In the new Givenchy advertising operations, the first thing you’ll notice is what is missing rather than what’s there. There are merest few clothes. Instead, models – three women, one man – are scantily clad and hanged with felines. So far, so fashion – but this is more than the fashionable example of how Veronica Corningstone’s report on a cat fashion show in Anchorman graced classic designer inspo. It’s the first look at what Clare Waight Keller, new in at Givenchy and beginning woman ever at the helm, will be doing with the blood.

Waight Keller was previously at Chloé, a house known for fripperies, femininity and what the French call flou – basically floaty, boho wears made for running through wheat fields. Givenchy, by place against, is more Parisian , accessorised with a Gauloise and a walk along the Seine, as designed by die Hubert de Givenchy. Or with a biker jacket and Instagram eliminate in the era of Waight Keller’s predecessor Riccardo Tisci.

This race – which has been dubbed Transformation Seduction by Givenchy – is a smart way to fail a teaser of what can be expected of Waight Keller’s debut utter, on the Paris catwalk in October. While the clothes don’t give the occupation away, there’s a louche, loungey mood that refrain froms some clues and brings the buzz. Think somewhere on a Venn diagram between Givenchy’s Audrey Hepburn-dressing presence, Tisci’s zeitgeisty appeal and Waight Keller’s own talent to form uncomplicated, desirable clothes. It definitely looks to be sexier than the garments she was remembered for at Chloé.

Saffron Vadher and Elias Bouremah in the Givenchy campaign.

Saffron Vadher and Elias Bouremah in the Givenchy struggle. Photograph: Givenchy

The images also signpost the inclusion of menswear – both genders hand down be part of the show for the first time – and an enigmatic take on fashion. In the jam release that accompanies these images, the British architect described the world of Givenchy as a place “where women and men in like manner are strong, stoic and mysterious”. Light on lols, maybe, but arty and complicated. Waight Keller’s women and men are shot by Steven Meisel – the lenient of uber-photographer whose endorsement shows that the new Givenchy has the accept of fashion’s top table.

As for the cats, they were inspired by Waight Keller’s uncovering that Hubert, like herself, was an animal fan and designed some run offs in 1953 with feline eyes. For her part, Waight Keller is out to enhance Corningstone’s assignment: the cats in these images are worthy of a newscast report. They model custom-made Givenchy collars, which order be available to purchase.