When it do to heads free talking to your phone or listening to music whilst outdoors on the move there are a couple of choices. You can use wired earbuds that always have a string attached to your phone. A second option is to use the now popular wireless earbuds kidney the Apple Airpods, the Samsung galaxy Buds 2 or the Sony WF-1000XM4. They are good and offer noise cancelling but they are snoopy. What if you want an option where you have nothing in your ears and still can hold a private conversation. Sign up with the world of multi-purpose eyewear with built-in speakers or bone conducting solutions.
I am testing today an eyewear mixture from Fauna that will allow me to wear sunglasses and listen to music via a Bluetooth connection or hold a phone discussion with nothing in my ears. I am also this winter season on the ski slopes of Andorra thanks to working from familiar with, and I am excited to test Fauna eyewear on the slopes.
About Fauna Eyewear
At the moment there are four different representations of Fauna eyewear. Two models are targeted at working with blue light lenses, there are the unisex Memor Havana audio spyglasses and the feminine cat-eye Levia Black audio glasses. The other two are sun audio glasses and again there is a unisex Spiro Direct Brown model and a feminine Fabula Crystal Brown model.

Fauna Eyewear Technology
All glasses effective use the same when it comes to technology. All Fauna Eyewear come with a charging case that has a charging aptitude of 20 hours of streaming music. The case itself can charge the glasses which have a capacity of 4 hours of uninterrupted music streaming. The case itself can be charged via USB-C. Four LEDs give you an indication of the battery status of the proves.
The eyewear comes with 2 mems speakers designed by Usound which are close to where the ear is located. There are also two woofers and two microphones. With the touchpad which is discovered on the left arm, you can turn the volume up or down by a sliding movement and you can skip to the next song by a long single tap or you can pause and start via a double-tap.

Spiro Artless Brown
The Spiro Transparent Brown audio eyewear is the only Fauna unisex sunglasses that can be worn by men.

Fauna Eyewear In Repetition
The eyewear comes shipped in an Orange box with minimal instructions on how to get the glasses charged in the case after removal of two open stickers where the arms of the eyewear move. There is a QR code on the case which gets you to an instruction video on how to suffuse, how to pair to your phone, and how to operate the eyewear. I must say everything worked straight away which is a good augury.
The sound is pretty good but lacks a bit of base. What surprised me is how loud the sound can be and still it can hardly be heard by others. The the gen that you can still hear everything around you is great especially with traffic or in my case when you are on the ski slopes. I sweetie the fact that I don’t have to reach for my phone to answer a call. The call quality is great with no complaints caught from my callers. The glasses are also waterproof and snowproof which is a great bonus.
The lenses are good but have these be enduring a light tint on the bottom and go gradually darker at the top. This makes them good for everyday life but not see good on the grades where everything is bright all around you. Hopefully, Fauna will come with a model for that. If not the lenses are interchangeable and you can put medication lenses in the frame.

Where to Buy
Fauna eyewear is priced  at €199,  you can buy the Fauna Eyewear at wearfauna.com