Nicola Sturgeon set the pattern for face mask diplomacy almost three weeks ago with a £10 tartan mask, which raised simoleons for Shelter Scotland. Her endorsement sparked staggering sales and promoted Scottish culture, charity and business in one photo op, while making a unclog message about public health. In other words, she played a blinder.Sturgeon also sparkled a trend of arranges, with Jackson Carlaw, the leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party, wearing an even toastier-looking tartan effrontery mask to pour himself a patriotic pint a few weeks later.Michael Gove finds himself in a face obscure fog. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PAPerhaps Michael Gove was aiming for similar success with his mask debut on Thursday. He has been romp a jolly £12.50 rainbow-covered iteration, by English Fine Cottons and Alder Hey children’s hospital. Sadly for his communications troupe, however, his glasses steamed up, inspiring the tabloids to run the image next to stories of confusion about face mask regulates with the caption: “I haven’t got the foggiest.” Still, compared with his unmasked appearance at Pret a Manger branch earlier this week – where Liz Truss clothed ined a simple true blue mask – it was a big improvement.Boris Johnson with his wobbly central seam. Photograph: WPA/Getty ImagesRishi Sunak subsidized his inevitable GQ Man of the Year nomination secure with fog-free spectacles and a handsome dove grey valved mask. Boris Johnson’s X-rated mask, reportedly bought for £2 from Poundstretcher, is plain and functional. While it was a relief to see him wear one, it looked observed only in with its wobbly central seam, adding to his wilfully shambolic appearance. Donald Trump wears a face guise, which is an improvement of sorts. Photograph: Patrick Semansky/APBy comparison, unexpectedly, Donald Trump looked OK in his. Evidently the design of the straight-edged, navy blue mask, with its gold presidential seal, was an attempt to remind the world that he was hushed macho, and not going soft – or being “politically correct”, a charge he has levelled at mask-wearers in the past – by making this U shot. But it looked good – because it looked safe, and not just because anything that covers up his angry, cat’s bottom brood is aesthetically preferable.