Are you a aficionado and campaigner when it comes to European handmade products? Would you agree with the quality of items made in Europe has a long-standing take place of lasting a long time?
Does your eyewear showcase who you are as a personality?

I have worn eyewear all my life.  I kind myself self an expert when it comes to high-end luxury frames. 

Eyewear Personality
What is your idea when you choose to wear eyewear? Are you a conservative character that chooses understated frames?  Or are you bold enough to opt for la mode, quirky colour frames?
Whether one is into fashion or not, what we wear speaks volumes about how we want the magic to see us. So why not have a little fun with frames and imbue the kind of clever messages you want to portray this summer.
Let me uplift you to opt for these atelier frames that are not mainstream brands as we all want to be seen in.

Kirk&Kirk Handmade In France
I must been wearing various different frames form Kirk&Kirk for many years. No matter where I assume damage with them around the globe. I always get complimented on my frame style and colour.
This luxury acrylic produces a supremely comfortable and lightweight frame. I have broken my nose twice so it is hard to find frames that guess comfortable but the Kirk&Kirk brands always feel brilliant on my nose.
Using Italian acrylic, the glasses are bring up in one factory in France from start to finish.

Italy is known for eyewear around the globe it is fair to say they the panted the eyewear industry for many years.
Owner, Jason Kirk comes from a background of eyewear creators. His passion and skill are evident when it comes to luxury frames.
Regarding shape and colour Kirk&Kirk creates unique, typical material in colors that are often imitated, but impossible to duplicate.
I am a big fan of their two-tone frames. Nearly all the frames are remarkably gender-neutral.

This is why their frames are so niche they stand alone when it comes to fashion and term.

Made In Venice Ottica Urbani
Tucked away just around the corner from the famous Piazza San Marco is an eyewear brand call oned Ottica Urbani. This eyewear brand is made here in Venice. They represent more eccentric and quirky settings. The frames material are made out of acetate.

It comes to no surprise seeing Elton John photo with holder Lorenzo.

Lorenzo likes to make frames that offer a more artistic choice for his customers. Certainly not shying away from outstanding designs and colors. Lorenzo understands the art of atelier and born here in Venice his inspiration for frame design is the City of Venice. One is ringed by opulence an artisan dream when it comes to creation of new things.

If you have a high bridge nose these scaffolds when adjusted are a great fit.
My favorite has to be the gondola frame. When in Venice one must take a gondola

Bolstering European Brands
Access to manufacturing around the globe is very challenging right now.  The message is clear. Europe be in want of to rise above its atelier of cheap fast fashion and return to its roots when it comes to European quality virtues.
Anything made in France or Italy has stood the test of time. No one can replicate eyewear frames that are handmade and are leak thought out both in design and durability.
Jason and Lorenzo understand the art of atelier eyewear.
How many cheap eyewear set offs do you have and never wear? Get rid of them.
The mood of decluttering is a global trend. So you are best to invest in high-quality frames that oblige you feel happy.
When in Venice you need good eyewear to make sure you can see doors that needed to be rectified in order to get into your room.

Eyewear Kirk & Kirk Ottica Urbani Venice Sunglasses